Thank you coach Lightsey

Coach_Hat_tnThis article is about a man who most of you have never heard of unless you grew up during the 90’s in North Mississippi and played baseball in high school or American legion baseball in the summer. I just received the news today that coach Lightsey went home to be with the Lord. He fought a battle for a long time and finally, God decided enough is enough and He ended the suffering. I know that the Lord had to end the fight because coach Lightsey was not a quitter. I guarantee you that he fought tooth and nail until the very end.

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The Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness

During our Wednesday evening summer activities in the children’s department, we are cover the fruit of the Spirit. We have seen God do some great things in the lives of the kids as they are learning what it means to have the Holy Spirit and how the Spirit manifests Itself in us during our daily activities. The fruit of the Spirit is mentioned in Galatians 5: Continue reading

The full armor of God: The sword of the Spirit

swordAs I prepare to teach during children’s church this Sunday, I want to wrap up the full armor of God with the last piece that is presented in the text.

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Not everyone can teach others about Christ

I know the title may seem strange, especially coming from a person who encourages people to talk to others about Jesus and trains them how to do it. Let me be clear, the restrictions on who can teach others about Christ are not my own opinions. These restrictions are set in place by God. I want to look at three different occasions when Jesus told people not to tell others important truths about Himself, discovering why, and then learning who is able to teach others.  Continue reading

Men mentoring kids

As we see our culture advance into the 21st Century, we notice what we tend to think of as a new phenomenon but in all reality, it is a problem that has been around as long as sin has been around. The problem is men not investing in the spiritual lives of their children. The Bible teaches us that there is nothing new under the sun. The things that have been will be because no matter the culture, human nature remains the same. If you go all the way back to the book of beginnings, Genesis, you will see a man who does not seem to invest in the spiritual lives of his children. Adam walked with God. Adam was created perfect but fell from his position because of sin. His relationship with God was destroyed. He and his wife began to play the blame game. They both tried to hide from God. They produced children after their own nature. It does not seem that Adam taught his children about God because his one son Cain murdered his brother Abel. Then, Adam and Eve had another son, Seth. Seth had a son named Enosh. In Genesis 4, at the very end of the chapter, we find the following verse: Continue reading

Remove the idols in your life

As I was teaching a couple of weeks ago on the rich young ruler while at camp, I was amazed to see how dangerous idols are simply because so many of us have them and so few of us know it. In order to jump into our text that teaches us about the idols in the life of the rich young ruler, I would like to use I John 5:21

21 Little childrenguard yourselves from idols.

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Be an example of submission and humility

Two weeks ago, while I was serving as a counselor at our children’s camp, I lead a daily Bible study out of I Peter 5. It was neat to see how God gave us practical assignments during the camp. In fact, that is one of the reasons that I love camp. People are outside of their comfort zones and situations arise where they get squeezed and what is on the inside manifests itself quite rapidly, unmasked and unfiltered. This totally happened while we were at camp and I would like to share it with you here. First, I want to take a look at the text and see what we can learn about ourselves and then see what God wants us to do with this information. Continue reading

Have you left your first love?

Yesterday, I met with my staff to have our weekly meeting and Bible study. We have been in and out over the past 2 weeks because of camp and other summer activities. It was really nice to get back together yesterday and open up God’s Word. I was praying about what to teach during the Bible study. We have been studying the Sermon on the Mount and we finally reached the end. I thought about just giving an exam over the study but God would not let me. I sensed that God wanted me to teach something special but I did not know what. The day before, I was listening to a sermon online preached by a friend of mine from Moldova. Continue reading

The full armor of God: The shield of faith

shield_faithThis article is a continuation of our theme; the full armor of God that we have been covering all summer in Big City Clubhouse (children’s church). We have covered the commands that God has given to us, the enemy, and now we are focusing on the individual weapons.

Now we have come to the shield of faith. This shield is super important. What does it go?

16in addition to alltaking up the shield of faith with which you will be able to extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. (Ephesians 6)

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