A full week of teaching

I was just reflecting over the past week of ministry and realized just how many Bible lessons God allowed me to be blessed in teaching. One of the lessons that I taught this past week was “Understanding Spiritual Gifts“. In the lesson, we learned that if we have been given a speaking gift, then we need to speak the Word of God when we teach. I have the gift of teaching so I love to teach God’s Word. I am most fulfilled when I can teach others how to study and apply God’s Word. Here are the lessons that I was able to teach this week.

  1. Faithful Abraham (two times)
  2. Spiritual Gifts: An overview
  3. Becoming God’s Champion Lesson 1
  4. Spiritual warfare: The belt of Truth
  5. Building a marriage that really works Lesson 2, the role of man

It was a full week and I pray that God was glorified in all that I did because He worked in me and through me. I am excited for a new week of ministry where I get to do it all over again. It is amazing to see how lives are being changed by the power of God’s Word at work. Please pray for me, that I will be diligent to handle the Word accurately. How were you able to serve the Lord this past week? How are you planning to serve the Lord this next week? May the Lord help us serve Him faithfully.

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