Understanding Spiritual gifts: Many to One

I am very excited to be able to teach this lesson today. The subject of spiritual gifts is so eye opening and there is such a need in the church to have a proper understanding of our spiritual gifts. This is the 5th lesson in the study, the 5th of 6. Here is a list of the previous lessons.

  1. Spiritual Gifts: An overview
  2. The giving of the Spiritual Gifts
  3. Understanding the Spiritual Gifts in Corinth
  4. Understanding the Spiritual Gifts in Rome

In the previous lesson, we learned from Romans 12 and Acts 2, there is a specific order that is important in understanding the gifts and the purpose. Before serving according to the gift(s) that I have been given, I have to make a total commitment to carrying out the will of the Lord over my own will on a daily basis. Once that decision has been made, I must begin intense training so that my mind will not be conformed to the patter of thinking of this world. My mind must be renewed by the Word of God daily. We must have the proper attitude about our gifts, mine is not better than yours and yours is not better than mine. I need yours and you need mine. I serve you with mine and you serve me with yours. All the gifts are necessary. We looked at Barnabas’s example of the way that he used his spiritual gift to serve others and cause the church to grow. Today, we are going to look at the human body to see what we learn about the spiritual body of Christ.

In order to be prepared to understand this lesson, please read the following passage.

I Corinthians 12

I. The human body and the body of Christ

In verses 12, 14, and 15-17, we learn the following things about the human body.

  • The body is one with many different members.
  • Although the members are different, there is one purpose for all of the members.
  • All of the parts of the body are different and they are all necessary.

How does this compare with the body of Christ? In verses 12-13, 18-20, 29-30, we discover the following things about the body of Christ.

  • We are all many members yet we all make up the One body of Christ.
  • We are placed in the body where God wants us when we are baptized into Christ upon receiving the Holy Spirit. The gifts come with the Spirit.
  • We are not all the same. We do not all have the same gifts and we do not all have the same ministry.
  • We are many members but we are all part of the same body.
  • We do not all have the same gift.

Understanding these truths helps us better understand the proper attitude that we should have toward each other and each others’ gifts.

II. Attitude

What should our attitudes be like toward each other in the body of Christ? God gives us the answers through Paul. In verses 15-17, we must all understand that all of the parts of the body are important and necessary. We cannot function without each one doing his or her part. According to verse 21, we all need each other on a daily basis. We must realize that God has chosen to honor the parts of the body according to His desire. The parts that naturally receive honor, receive their honor but God has chosen to honor the less seen members so that there will be no division among us. If one of the members of the body suffers then the entire body suffers. If one of the members of the body is honored, we all rejoice as a body. Romans 12:3-6 gives some more insight to the proper attitude that we should have. We should not desire each others’ gifts. We should not try to do the ministry that does not match up with the gift that we have. Each gift is important and necessary. We have to realize that our gift and ministry are all based on the grace of God. It is a gift given to us that we do not deserve. What are the results if we serve according to our spiritual gifts with the right attitude?

III. Results

The results can be seen in Ephesians 4. When each member knows his role and performs it according to his spiritual gift, the body matures as each member matures. The body not only grows numerically but also grows in its depth so that the numerical growth can be sustained, leading to more growth both vertically and horizontally. We help each other mature in the faith. The Lord is glorified.

What about you my friend, are you in the body of Christ? Do you know what gift you have? Are you serving according to your gift? What is your attitude toward your gifts and the gifts of others in the body? What results are you seeing? Are you growing in your faith? Are you helping others grow in their faith? Are you seeking to glorify the Lord on a daily basis by serving according to your gift? May the Lord help us glorify God by serving each other according to our spiritual gifts.

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