Obey the law!

The whole country is watching Ferguson Missouri at the moment. The actions of a few are absolutely despicable. Before I begin writing some of the information that I have gleaned and my opinion on the whole situation, I would like to quote from the Scriptures. I believe this is fitting for the current situation. Continue reading

God, Joseph, his brothers, and FORGIVENESS

As we continue to study through the life of Joseph, learning how to connect with God and with others so that we can connect them with God, we get to the need for forgiveness. In order to forgive correctly, we need to understand what forgiveness is so that we can extend it to others. Last week, we learned that when you connect with God, He motivates you to work hard to serve the people around you. As you serve the people around you, you will have opportunities to connect those people with God. Continue reading

God and Money

I taught this lesson a couple of weeks ago during a marriage counseling session and I have been invited to teach this once again tonight, in a different setting.

It has been said that, “if you want to know who your god is, look at where and how you spend your money“. Many people have been taught that money is evil. It is based on a misunderstanding of the Word of God. I will demonstrate, “the root of all evil is _________ ?”. How did you answer that? Did you say money? The actual passage is, “For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil” which is found in I Timothy 6:10. Money is not evil. Money is just a tool that God uses to teach us. The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Let’s take a look at how God uses money to teach us and what does He want to teach us. Continue reading

Thanksgiving – Reminder to be grateful

Tomorrow during Kids’ Express, we are going to celebrate our Thanksgiving, thank you Jesus feast. I have the privilege of attending and I have been invited to share a short message from God’s Word. I want to talk about being appreciative or grateful. We have to be taught and reminded to be grateful because gratefulness is not our nature. Because of our sin nature, we are selfish. Gratefulness comes out of a selfless attitude. This is important because if we do not teach each generation to be selfless and grateful we cannot expect them to be. Once we teach people to be selfless and appreciative, we have to remind them of it over and over. We have a tendency to forget. God has set up annual holidays that remind us to be grateful. These are good reminders for us. Continue reading

Bondservants, Saints, Elders, and Deacons oh my!

As I am teaching through Philippians during my Monday night Bible study, I am amazed to see how clear and practical the Word of God is. It really is for daily living. God really has given us all that we need for life and godliness. This week, we are taking a look at 4 words mentioned in Philippians 1:1. The 4 words are 1) bondservant 2)saint 3)elder 4)deacon

In order to understand these words and what was meant by saying this, I would like to divide these 4 into 2 groups of 2. Continue reading

Trained soldiers needed!

As we have been working through II Timothy as a staff, we have noticed that God has given us an amazing treasure in the Gospel and He wants us to use It for daily life, as we seek to serve Him by making disciples.

Last week, we learned that the Gospel is a treasure because It is the power of God to transform our lives and set us free from our slavery to sin. It equips us for daily life. Next, we learned to guard the Gospel. We guard the Gospel by retaining the high standard and pass It on to others who will guard It and pass It on to others. Paul was an example in retaining the standard by passing the Gospel on from person to person. Timothy, himself, is proof of Paul’s faithfulness. Continue reading

How do you handle correction?

If you have been a leader for more than 5 minutes, you know that you are constantly faced with having to correct those who are under your leadership. Correction seems to have a negative tone among us in our modern world, especially in the church. We are taught to avoid confrontation at all costs. Encouragement is the king, while confrontation and correction are almost scoffed at.

God has much to teach on the subject of “correction”. He uses words such as “reprove”, “correct”, “discipline”, and “rebuke”. God teaches us that we are corrected for our own good. We need correction because of our sin nature. We make mistakes.

I would like to use this article to explain that all of us are corrected. The difference between a wise and a foolish person is how they respond to correction. Continue reading

Connecting with God and working hard

Our previous lesson was on how Joseph overcame loneliness. If you studied with us, you saw that in order to overcome loneliness, Joseph did not focus on himself. He remained connected to God. Since he had a personal relationship with God, he continued to communicate with God and God continued to communicate with him. Since Joseph was faithful to God, he was given favor in the eyes of the head jailer and was given total control over the jail. Joseph had a desire to serve the people around him because as we have learned, when a person is connected to God, he wants to connect with others so that he can help them connect with God. Because Joseph serves the other prisoners, God gives him a chance to help them connect with Him. The head cup-bearer and the head baker end up in jail, have strange dreams, and look for help. They look to Joseph because they have seen him helping others. Joseph helps to connect them with God. Even though things did not work out the way that Joseph wanted, he remained faithful to God and God’s plan/calling. Continue reading

Guard the Gospel

As I prepare to teach my staff this week from II Timothy, I want to write out my thoughts to think through the process. In the meantime, I hope that they information can be helpful to you too, as you read through it. In our previous lessons, we have been looking at how Paul entrusted the Gospel, what he calls a treasure, to Timothy, encouraging him how to guard the treasure while entrusting it to others. Here is a quick overview of what II Timothy is all about:

Theme: Guard the treasure (Gospel) How?

Chapter 1 – Retain the standard (1:13)

Chapter 2 – Be diligent in the Word (2:15)

Chapter 3 –  Continue in the Word (3:14)

Chapter 4 – Be on guard against those who oppose (4:15)

Continue reading