Connecting with God and dealing with loneliness

Alright everyone, we have had some great weeks studying the life and ministry of Joseph. We have had two lessons on Joseph so far:

This week during the ROC, we are going to focus on Joseph and his reaction to being put in prison. He kept his integrity while he was being tempted by Potiphar’s wife. Joseph was a young man enslaved by Potiphar. He was a stranger in a strange land. He was far from home and had no one to cause him to be accountable to his moral convictions. He did not have much of a future and probably no chance of ever getting married. I am sure he was tempted to enjoy some of the pleasures of life since they had all been taken away from him. He did not give in because he did not want to sin against God. He knew that God was with him and saw everything that he did or would ever do. He knew that God would see his sin. This is what motivated him to run away from sin. Mrs. Potiphar was mad because Joseph did not give in to her worldly ways. She retaliated by lying and having Joseph thrown in prison. This is where our story picks up this week. Continue reading