Finding favor with God this Christmas

I have been writing and teaching on Christmas for the past 3 weeks. We are in full holiday mode all across the country at the moment. My prayer is that we will prepare for and celebrate Christmas correctly this holiday season. I have taught on how to prepare for Christmas and the importance of Christmas. This message is about finding favor for Christmas. Many time, we make Christmas all about ourselves instead of being all about Christ’s birthday celebration. We use the holiday as an excuse to self-indulge. Christmas is all about worship. We have seen how the wise men worshiped Christ and encouraged others to do the same. Now I want to take a look at Mary and Joseph, how they also worshiped Christ. I pray that this lesson will be practical. I am going to teach it in a couple of hours to the children of our church. Continue reading

Work out your salvation

I taught a Bible study last night on this passage from Philippians 2. The entire passageĀ  an be read here. In order to understand this lesson better, we need to take a brief look at the context, what comes before this passage in chapters 1-2. What are the signs that a person already has attained salvation according to what we see in chapters 1-2? Notice that the verse does not read “work for your salvation”. It reads “work out your salvation”. You are not working to attain it. You already have it. What is the proof?

  • 1:1 – you have been transformed from a sinner to a saint. As Jesus calls it in John 3, you have been born again.
  • 1:5 – you begin to live out the Gospel in your daily life.
  • 1:7 – you begin to preach and teach the Gospel to others as the Lord brings opportunities.
  • 1:28 – you begin to have opponents who oppose the Gospel and take it out on you because you are the messenger.
  • 2:1-4 – you do relationships much differently than you did before. You now seek to serve others instead of using them for your own benefits.

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Strange women and Dumb men

I am preparing to teach a lesson this week on the dangers of sexual sin. As I was preparing, I was amazed to see how relevant this message is for the 21st Century even though it was originally written almost 3,000 years ago. Our culture is full of naive men and strange women (strange to the ways of God). Let’s take a look at this lesson and see how it compares to our modern society.

There are a couple of passages that I want us to read before we begin to discuss what we learn.

In order to understand this passage, I would like to break it up into 4 parts, 1) the commands 2) the adulteress 3) the results 4) God’s solution Continue reading

Humbleness and Obedience go hand in hand

Last night, during our Philippians Bible study, we covered the idea of humbleness and obedience to the Lord. God, through His great wisdom, gives us an example of humbleness and obedience in the person of Jesus Christ. He also commands us to humble ourselves and obey Him. Not only does He do these two things, He also gives us a litmus test daily to show if we are humbly obeying Him or not. Now, is an example and a command enough? Let’s find out.

Our passage of examination is Philippians 1:27-2:11. Take a moment to read this passage. Now let’s examine what God has to teach us here. Continue reading