Press on toward the GOAL of knowing Christ intimately

On Monday night, I met with my Bible study group and we continued studying Philippians. I would like to share this with you here.

Before we get into this lesson, I would like to review the previous one. The previous lesson was entitled “choose Christ above all else“. This lesson taught us about Paul’s idols in his life before he came to Christ. He warns the Philippians to be careful of their idols, making sure that they continue to count them as rubbish when compared to knowing Christ specifically, the power of His resurrections and the fellowship of His suffering. Christ exposes our idols for what they are and then He sets us free from those same idols by the power of His resurrection. As He works in us, He also begins to work through us and we preach the Word of God to others. His Word pricks their sin nature and they respond in a couple of different ways; 1) they are indifferent to the message 2) the message changes them 3) they attack us even though we are just the messenger. When we are attacked, we join in with Christ and His sufferings. Continue reading