Counting the cost of discipleship L2

Yesterday, I finished lesson one and wrote an article on discipleship. Today, I would like to continue the theme of discipleship from Jesus’ perspective. If you want to catch up or review the previous lesson, here it is:

  1. Counting the cost of discipleship Lesson 1

What does the word disciple mean? The Greek word that is translated “disciple” is “mathetes”. It literally means a learner or a pupil, one who learns theory and practice. This is the exact example that we saw in lesson 1. Jesus taught His disciples theory and also gave them opportunities to practice what they learned. The root of the word disciple is the Greek verb “manthano”. It means to increase in knowledge to the point of habit. As you learn things, you apply them. As you apply them over and over again, they become a habit for you. This is what discipleship mean. I learn and apply until learning and application become a habit for me. I am learning to know and follow Jesus. It really is that simple. Are you a learner of Christ’s ways? Are you applying what you learn to the point where it becomes a habit for you? Continue reading