The parable of the wheat and tares

I am getting ready to teach at Fishermen’s club this week. We have been covering the parables of Jesus.

This week, we are going to cover the parable of the wheat and tares. In order to see what we can learn from this parable, take a moment to read Matthew 13:24-30.

I. Wheat and Tares

The good seed that is planted is the Word of God. Jesus told us that previously in the parable of the sower and the seed. The good seed produces the wheat. The wheat are the genuine members of the kingdom of heaven. Although they are members of the kingdom of heaven, they live here on the earth along with everyone else. There is an enemy in this parable, just like there was an enemy in the previous parable. The enemy is the evil one who wants to rob the fruit. In the previous parable, he keeps people from understanding the message. In this parable, he plants tares among the wheat. The danger/problem with wheat and tares is that in the beginning, they cannot be distinguished. The only way that you can tell the difference between the two is by the fruit. So, although these people seem to be the same, being together in the same place, they are on very different paths. One belongs to the kingdom of heaven. The other may be in the presence of those who belong to the kingdom, they are not of the kingdom and we see the difference when it comes to producing fruit. Just like in the previous parable, there are 4 types of soil yet only one soil produces fruit.

This parable reminds me of another analogy that Jesus made in the “Sermon on the Mount” when he spoke of trees and fruit.

II. Known by the fruit

The wheat produces fruit while the tares are useless. This is explained in Matthew 7:15-19. Jesus compared genuine believers to good trees that produce good fruit and false believers with bad trees that also produce fruit. The problem with that fruit is that it is bad fruit. They both seem the same until the time to produce fruit comes. The audience of this message is made up of people who are religious yet their religion did not change the fact that they were producing bad fruit. They were part of the group. They went to “church”. The did their good works. It wasn’t enough. They were still producing bad fruit. Jesus is sowing the seed of the Word that will transform them from being tares to being wheat. Have you experienced that transformation?

My dear friend, are you part of a church? Do you realize that you can be part of a church and still be a tare? What kind of fruit are you producing? Do you realize that your fruit, or lack there of, is a sign of who you really are? Have you accepted the Gospel and allowed it to change you? What is the proof of that transformation? Are you producing good fruit? May the Lord help us get into the Word of God and understand It so that It can transform us from the inside out.

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