Lear HOW to think instead of WHAT to think

I am worried about my generation and the generations that have followed me. The reason that I am worried is because we have a couple of generations that have been trained by our State run schools in the art of “belief” instead in the art of “thinking”. Our public schools no longer offer a classical education, an education that includes logic, reasoning skills, and debate. Instead, our kids are taught WHAT to think instead of HOW to think. This is very dangerous because people who do not know how to think are easily subjugated and controlled. I would like to demonstrate this with a hot topic that is being discussed all over our society.

I am a minister of the Gospel and have served people from all kinds of different races, languages, cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds etc. Each one has its uniqueness yet each one is basically the same. Sin nature is dominate in all cultures and manifests itself in many of the same ways, over and over again. I would like to show you a snippet of a conversation that I recently had with some people of my generation and younger. It frightens me because of the deceptiveness of the people. They are deceptive because they have been deceived. They do not know how to think and when challenged, their responses sound more like 5 year old kids on the playground than mature adults. I don’t think that this is by accident. This is the process of being taught what to think instead of how to think. I want to help but from the responses, HOW? The really scary part is that as they have kids, they are going to pass this process on to them and it will get worse with each new generation. I have addressed this problem before with voting. Continue reading