Worship God correctly

I am getting ready to teach this Bible study to my staff today. The reason that I am doing it instead of James is because this is practice for the Sunday School class that I am teaching this Sunday. The topic is worship and our passage is Revelation 4.

In order to understand this lesson, we need to do a little overview work on the book of Revelation. This is important because it will help us understand the context of chapter 4.

Key verse:

  • Revelation 1:19
    • The things you see
    • The things that are
    • The things that are to come

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James 4; Worldliness, Enmity, and Judging

It is Wednesday once again. I am excited to get ready to teach during our staff meeting. I love studying God’s Word, even though, many times, it is a time of discipline for me, feeling the loving hand of God touch the sore spots in my life. He does it because He loves me and wants to work in me before He uses me to teach His message. Sometimes, it is painful, yet it is always rejuvenating for me, especially for my relationship with God. I am excited to teach on James 4 today.

If you have been following along with us in this study of the book of James, then this next part will be a good review. If you are new to the study, these articles will help you “catch up” and see the context of what we are about to study.

  1. Living faith vs. Dead faith
  2. Living faith vs. Dead faith part II
  3. Trials and Temptations; what’s the difference?
  4. Genuine faith in action
  5. Two spiritual births; death and life
  6. Living faith in action
  7. Living faith revealed
  8. Living faith produces good works
  9. Living faith tames the tongue with wisdom from above
  10. Teach heavenly wisdom
  11. Living faith resolves conflict

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The right to life

As US citizens, we are all guaranteed the right to life, unless you are the most vulnerable of humans, babies developing in the womb. Unless you have been living under a rock over the last month, you know the criticism addressed to Planned Parenthood based on the fact that they perform legal abortions and then sell the harvested body parts that come as a result of that abortion. There are several controversial thoughts here. One, the law protects legal abortion because it claims that a human fetus is just a clump of living tissue that is no different than a liver or kidney. It (the fetus) does not have the right to life because it is not yet human. On the other hand, once that fetus is aborted, the organs are now part of a human cadaver. How did it change from being a clump of tissue to a human cadaver? As a born again believer, disciple of Christ, and pastor, I am very interested in knowing what God has to teach us on hot topics in our society. For example: Continue reading