The right to life

As US citizens, we are all guaranteed the right to life, unless you are the most vulnerable of humans, babies developing in the womb. Unless you have been living under a rock over the last month, you know the criticism addressed to Planned Parenthood based on the fact that they perform legal abortions and then sell the harvested body parts that come as a result of that abortion. There are several controversial thoughts here. One, the law protects legal abortion because it claims that a human fetus is just a clump of living tissue that is no different than a liver or kidney. It (the fetus) does not have the right to life because it is not yet human. On the other hand, once that fetus is aborted, the organs are now part of a human cadaver. How did it change from being a clump of tissue to a human cadaver? As a born again believer, disciple of Christ, and pastor, I am very interested in knowing what God has to teach us on hot topics in our society. For example:

Abortion is one of those hot topic discussions. Some people claim that the Bible does not specifically mention abortion. Is this true? No, the Bible does speak specifically to the sin of abortion, and not just indirectly, like “thou shall not murder”.

I. An indirect teaching

Our first passage of examination is Exodus 20. Here, we find the 10 commandments. One of the 10 commandments is “do not murder”. Taking human life on purpose, outside of self defense or war, is a sin condemned by God. The price that you pay for murdering is that you pay with your own life. If you do not pay with your life for murdering someone, the victim is victimized twice. The life of the criminal is more valuable than the life of the victim. This idea is taught in Genesis 9:5-6. In the USA, we victimize twice about 1 million babies a year, one by not seeking justice for their murder and two by not punishing those who murder them. For more information on abortion in the USA, please see Abort73.

II. A direct teaching

For our previous example, we looked at Exodus 20. For this direct teaching, I would like to look at Exodus 21:22-25. This is how God feels about abortion, directly. I have a few questions that I would like to ask and as we answer them, this passage will clearly show the sin of abortion and how it should be dealt with in our modern culture.

  1. According to the context, what could an injury be? – There are a couple of different “injuries” mentioned in the text. God begins the list with death. If there is a woman who is pregnant and something happens to her to where the baby dies, the one who caused the harm must pay with his life. Other injuries would be causing the baby not to fully develop and lose and eye or a tooth or a limb.
  2. In which situation do the men who were struggling and struck the pregnant woman have to pay and how much? – If they cause the baby to be born prematurely and there are no other problems, the two men have to pay a fine.
  3. To whom was the payment due and why?- The fine must be payed to the family of the prematurely born baby.
  4. According to this text, what is the value of human life? – Life for life, no exception.
  5. What are the father’s responsibilities toward his unborn child? – He is to be involved in helping the baby develop properly. He is to protect the developing child. He must seek out punishment of those who cause the developing baby harm.
  6. What are the state’s (the judge) responsibilities concerning a fetus (the unborn child in the mother’s womb)? – Punish those who harm a developing fetus. The state is to protect the developing fetus.
  7. What are society’s responsibilities (the two men who were struggling) concerning a fetus (the unborn child in the mother’s womb)? – Be careful to protect developing fetuses.
  8. What are society’s responsibilities toward pregnant women? – To protect her and make sure that she is safe so that the baby can develop properly.

Why do most abortions take place and what is society’s stance on abortion?

  • Not ready 25%
  • Can’t afford a baby now 23%
  • Completed childbearing years 19%
  • Don’t want to be a single mother 8%
  • Don’t feel mature enough 7%
  • Interferes with education or career 4%
  • A victim of rape 0.5

The majority of the reasons are based on a choice. In many of these cases, the fathers of the developing fetuses are the ones encouraging the abortions. The State has decided to protect the guilty and punish the innocent. Our society takes the exact opposite view of God on this subject. What do we do if we are born again believers? What is God’s solution, even though we are far from Him?

III. God’s solution

We have sinned directly and indirectly by committing abortion and by turning a blind eye and not demanding punishment for those who commit abortions. We all need forgiveness. God punishes the sin of indifference the same way as He punishes the sin of participation. This is the bad news. The good news (Gospel) is that God knows who we are and what we have done. He has offered a solution. I John 1:8-9. As I mentioned earlier in this section, we have all sinned in this area. We are guilty. If we say that we have not sinned then we are lying. We must confess our sin. Confess means to agree with God. We have sinned. It was wrong. We chose to do it. We are guilty. When we do this, God will forgive us of our sin. He will also cleanse us from our sin. If I have had an abortion, I can be forgiven. If I have performed abortions, I can be forgiven. If I have encouraged others to have abortions, I can be forgiven. If I have been indifferent, I can be forgiven.

Legislation concerning abortion is controversial. On one hand, the law requires that pregnant women work in a no strenuous environment and/or change their occupation if it is too difficult and dangerous for the fetus. The law also forbids them from consuming alcohol or drugs during pregnancy and requires that they follow the doctor’s order strictly in order to assure the best environment for the developing fetus. On the other hand, American women can freely choose to kill the developing baby in their wombs. What is your attitude now, toward abortions as a future father or mother?

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