Worship God correctly

I am getting ready to teach this Bible study to my staff today. The reason that I am doing it instead of James is because this is practice for the Sunday School class that I am teaching this Sunday. The topic is worship and our passage is Revelation 4.

In order to understand this lesson, we need to do a little overview work on the book of Revelation. This is important because it will help us understand the context of chapter 4.

Key verse:

  • Revelation 1:19
    • The things you see
    • The things that are
    • The things that are to come

Chapter 1

  • Jesus

Chapters 2-3

  • 7 churches

Chapters 4-5

  • Heaven
  • Saints in heaven with Christ

Chapters 6-18

  • Great Tribulation

Chapter 19

  • Christ’s 2nd coming along with the saints from heaven

Chapter 20

  • 1,000 year reign
  • Great White Throne Judgment

Chapter 21

  • New Heaven/Earth

Chapter 22

  • Paradise regained
  • Final warnings

Now that we have taken a look at the overview of Revelation, I would like to focus in on chapter 4, specifically looking at why we should worship the Lord and how to do it correctly.

I. A portrait of God

We discover the portrait of God in Revelation 4. The scene opens up in heaven. God is the central focus of all that is happening. He is seated on His throne. He is described as having the appearance of jasper and sardius. Jasper, as used in the Koine Greek, carries the idea of being clear as polished crystal. He is radiant. Sardius is a flesh colored stone. So, He shines like clear crystal and has the skin tone of flesh. God is worshiped night and day, as He deserves to be worshiped. The reason that He is being worshiped is because He is worthy of being worshiped. He is Holy, totally separate from His creation. He is set apart. He is different. Not only is God Holy, He is also Lord. The word Lord means Master, Ruler. God deserves to be worshiped because He is Master, supreme Ruler. He does not get His worth from our worship. He already has the worth. We have the privilege of giving Him the worth that He already deserves. God deserves worship because He is Almighty, or, in other words, He is all powerful. God deserves worship based on His character, His attributes. God is worthy of worship because He is eternal. Not only that, He also created all things and He created all things for His will, that is, to accomplish His will. God is worshiped when His will is accomplished among His creation, by His creation. Now that we know that God is worthy of worship, how do we actually worship Him the right way? Let’s find out from Revelation 4.

II. How to worship correctly

First of all, if we are going to worship God correctly, we have to realize that worship is all about God. Worship is not about what I like or want. God is the central focus of worship. Second of all, worship is not a periodic activity that we participate in with others. Worship is something that is to be done continually, night and day. Worship is an attitude, based on our submission to the Lord in every aspect of our lives. Correct worship involves understanding the character of God and proclaiming the character of God daily. If I want to know God’s character, I have to dig into His Word. Part of worship is coming to God’s Word with a teachable spirit. Another aspect of correct worship is bowing my knee to God as my Lord. I live to accomplish His will and not my own. I have to choose to live day by day like God is my Lord. Correct worship involves giving glory to God. Glory means to give a correct opinion of God. If I am going to give glory to God, I must live in a way that represents who He is. For example, with God, yes is always yes and no is always no. God always keeps His Word. If I claim to worship God yet I say I am going to do something and then I don’t do it, or, if I say I am not going to do something and I end up doing it, then I am not giving glory to God. I am not giving a correct opinion of who God is. Worship also involves honoring God. Because of who God is, He deserves to be number 1 in my life. I show how much I value God by the among of time I dedicate to getting to know Him, walking with Him, and serving Him. If I value something more than my relationship with God, I have placed an idol in God’s place. Whatever I dedicate the majority of my time to doing, that is what I honor or value. Correct worship involves honoring God, devoting my time to Him. Having the right attitude, an attitude of appreciation is also worshiping God. If I am not appreciative then I am not worshiping God correctly. Finally, the last way to worship God correctly, is to live for His will, to live to accomplish His will, moment by moment, day by day.

What about you my dear friend, are you worshiping God correctly? Do you know His character and attributes? Do you worship according to those attributes? Are you proclaiming the character of God? Are you teaching others how to worship God correctly? By your attitude and actions, do you give a correct opinion of who God is? Do you honor God with your time? Do you have an attitude of appreciation? Have you built your daily life around accomplishing the will of God?

May the Lord help us learn to worship Him correctly!

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