Connect with God

Did you know that the God who created the universe wants to connect with YOU? To me, that is an amazing thought. Who am I in the grand scheme of things? Why would God want to connect with little ol’ me? Do you really believe this? Whether you believe it or not, it is the truth. The God who created all things wants to have a personal relationship with you!!! He says so in His Holy Word. Let’s examine two passages from the the Old Testament, Deuteronomy 5 and Deuteronomy 6.

I. God connects with Moses

This first thing that we learn from these passages is that God wants to connect with people and be their friend, teaching them how to walk with Him and live life on a daily basis. The avenue that He chooses to reach out to people is His Holy Word. God met with Moses daily and discipled him. He gave Moses specific instructions for life. As God mentored Moses, He taught Moses how to see others through His eyes. God wanted Moses to reach out to the people around him and connect with them, to love and serve them so that he could be a good friend to them. Before Moses connected with God, he may have wanted to serve the people around him, even lead the people around him but, he did not know how. In fact, in his zeal, he ended up killing a person. He did it to save the life of one of his fellow people but, it was not viewed well by the people around him. Others were afraid of him. After he connected with God and learned how to love and serve others practically, he became a good friend to the people around him. In fact, by connecting with the people around him, he began to teach them how to connect with God the same way that he did. He began to teach people God’s Word, which helped them connect with God and learn how to live life in a way that was pleasing to God. In the Word that God gave to Moses, to give to the people, God left a pattern of how to connect with Him and how to love and serve the people around you. This pattern is seen clearly in the 10 Commandments.

II. 10 Commandments

God used Moses to teach people how to connect with God and each other when He gave him the 10 commandments. If you take a look at the 10 commandments, the first 4 deal with connecting with God and having community with Him. The next 6 deal with connecting with the people around you and having community with them. The two ideas are interconnected. You cannot connect with God and not have community with the people around you. You cannot have real relationships with the people around you if you have not first connected with God. The main idea of the 10 Commandments is not a check list of dos and don’ts. It is a practical reminder that God wants to connect with us and teach us how to walk with Him, learning how to be a friend, and how to live life the way that He intended. Moses passed that teaching on to the people. He applied that teaching as an example for all to follow. He walked with God daily. He connected with the people, loving and serving them, even though they did not deserve it and he taught them how to connect with God and walk with Him each and every day. The 10 Commandments were just part of the first 5 books of the people, the teachings that Moses shared with the people daily. They all became students of the Word so that they could understand who God was and learn to walk with Him daily. How were the people to apply this practically in their every day lives?

III. People

As the people connected with God through His Word, they were given a practical assignment by God via Moses. In chapter 6, we see God instructing Moses to teach the people and then command the people to teach the Word of God to their children and grandchildren. As each generation was born, the parents and grandparents were to teach those children how to connect with God through His Word. It was not Moses’ job to teach the next generation. It was Moses job to equip the current generation to teach the next generation. This is what Jesus modeled and it is the Biblical term “discipleship”. If you want to see a pattern, it is: God taught Moses, Moses taught the current generation, the current generation would teach the next two generations. This is exactly what Jesus did. He taught His disciples and then He sent out His disciples to reach the next generation. That generation was to take what it learned and reach the next generation. Discipleship is God’s idea from the very beginning. It is to be done on a national level, one family at a time, one generation at a time. The parents are connected with God and they love and serve their children, teaching them how to connect with God. As a child, are you learning how to connect with God through His Word via your parents? As a parent, are you modeling connecting with God to your children and teaching them how to do the same thing? May the Lord help us connect with Him, be discipled, love and serve the people around us, and teach them how to connect with God through His Word!

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