Covenant Lesson 6: the Oneness of Covenant

As we continue our study of Covenant, we have arrived to one of my favorite lessons, the lesson about the Oneness of covenant. In covenant, 2 become 1. This lesson will demonstrate what it means for 2 to become 1 in covenant. If you have been following this series, here is a quick review of what we have learned so far over the course of the past 6 weeks.

  1. Covenant Lesson 1
  2. Covenant Lesson 2
  3. Covenant Lesson 3
  4. Covenant Lesson 4
  5. Covenant Lesson 5

Lesson 5 taught us that in order to enter into the New Covenant, we must pass between two pieces of flesh, dying to our old way of life and committing to live for our covenant partner.

This lesson will focus on the different aspects of covenant that we have learned that will help us understand the oneness of covenant partners.

I. Blood and Reminder

Blood is required in order to make or, cut a covenant. The blood comes from the sacrifice that is offered. A tradition that arose around covenant is the sharing of blood. We have a term called becoming “blood brothers”. Many times, to seal deals between people, incisions would be made and the blood would be allowed to mingle together, joining the covenant partners together for life. Wherever the incision would be made, a scar would be left as a reminder of that mingling of blood and covenant made. According to Psalm 22:16, when Jesus was crucified as the Perfect Sacrifice, His hands and His feet were pierced to allow the blood to flow. Scars remained, even after the resurrection had taken place. These scars are an eternal reminder of what Christ did for His covenant partners. John 20:27 reveals to us that Thomas placed his fingers in the nail holes. When Jesus prayed His High Priestly prayer in John 17, verses 21 to 23 teach us that He prayed that His followers would be one with Him as well as with God. Another reminder of the oneness that we share with Christ under the New Covenant  is found in John 6. When we take the Lord’s Supper, the reminder of the New Covenant, we are reminded of the blood and broken body of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul teaches us in Galatians, II Timothy, and I Corinthians that our bodies, under the New Covenant, are now the temple of the Holy Spirit. We are are slaves to Christ and we are His soldiers. We no longer live for ourselves but for our covenant partner. God has provided constant reminders of what our covenant partner has done for us so that we continue to live for Him.

II. Name and Friendship

Not only are we servants, but, we are also friends with our Covenant Partner. According to the traditions of covenant, men who made covenant with each other would exchange names and reveal their plans to one another. Their entire lives became one. In Genesis 17, we learned that God took part of His Name and added it to Abram’s name, as well as to Sarai’s. The Name represents the person’s character. God, in essence, took part of His character and mixed it with Abraham’s character. They became One. They became friends. In fact, II Chronicles 20:7 tells us that Abraham became a friend of God. This took place after he entered into covenant with God. Immediately after becoming One with Abraham in Genesis 17, we see that in Genesis 18, God reveals His plans to Abraham. They are now friends and share everything with each other. Under the New Covenant, we also become friends with God and in John 15, we see that God shares His plans with us and includes us in those plans. We share much with our Covenant Partner and He shares with us. What about with each other, since we are in Covenant with God, are we not One with each other? Do we not share things with each other?

III. Possessions

Actually, as Covenant partners, we share everything with each other. This is not Communism because we are not forced to share our possessions with each other. We want to share our possessions with each other because of the riches that we have received in Jesus Christ. We also have a common life with each other. We do not just see each other here and there. We do life together. We are on the same journey with the same calling. Romans 8 teaches us that we are fellow heirs with Christ and as we follow Him, we will also share in His sufferings. But, the good news is, that we will also be glorified with Him. He will also share His glory with us. In Acts 2, the new brothers and sisters in Christ understood that they were One because of covenant and they helped meet each others’ needs. They were not forced to do this. They did it of their own free will. In II Corinthians 8, the churches in Macedonia understood this principle. In their deep poverty, they still wanted to give to meet the needs of their covenant partners. They wanted to meet their brothers’ needs, knowing that when the roles will be reversed, the brothers will do all that they can to meet their needs.

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