Mission Trip to an unreached people group

Dear friends, thank you so much for your prayers over the past 2 weeks. I had the honor of traveling with a team from our church to do mission work among an unreached people group on the other side of the world. I had the privilege of working with underprivileged children at an orphanage. Along with a teen from our church, I was able to lead a day camp for 35 kids and teens. The youngest was 7 and the oldest was 15. We studied the inductive Bible study course, “God, what is Your Name”. At the camp we discovered the meaning and significance of 13 Biblical Names for God.

  1. Elohim
  2. El Elyon
  3. El Shaddai
  4. El Roi
  5. Adonai
  6. Jehovah
  7. Jehovah rapha
  8. Jehovah Jireh
  9. Jehovah nissi
  10. Jehovah Shalom
  11. Jehovah mekodiskem
  12. Jehovah sabaoth
  13. Jehovah Raah

The students spent 4 hours a day studying God’s Word. Their testimonies were amazing. They learned who this God whom we serve really is and what His character is like. They were encouraged and challenged to continue studying the Word and reaching out to the people of their nation. All of them said that they wanted to be like Abraham, David, Gideon, and Deborah, connecting with God, being trained by God, and becoming brave warriors who would change the future of their nation both spiritually and physically. I was so blessed by the local missionaries who have a burden for their own people and who want to be trained and equipped to disciple the many, many lost people around them. Thank you for your prayers. God moved in a mighty way. I look forward to being able to go back next year and serve them and with them once again next year. Please pray for the fruit that will come over the next year. The harvest is truly plentiful and the workers are few. Join with me in praying to the Lord of the harvest to raise up and send out more workers. God’s Word is the only thing that will change the people of this nation and bring about a bright future.

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