Deborah and Jael: Servants of God for positive, societal change

UntitledTonight we are celebrating Pigtails and Pajamas at Hoffmantown church. This is an annual event for moms and daughters, girls and their female role models, and ladies who are interested in investing in the next generation of girls. My sweet wife, Elena, was supposed to teach the girls and ladies about being women and girls after God’s own heart. Unfortunately, she is very sick, therefore, I will be filling in for her. For the sake of my hair and nails, I will not be participating in the event. I am just dropping in to teach this lesson about Deborah and Jael.

God is looking for girls and ladies after His own heart who will stand up in the midst of this wicked and perverse generation to bring about positive societal change. Deborah’s generation was similar to our own. For 24 years, the people of Israel have been walking in disobedience to the Lord and paying the price for it. There is much suffering. There is no peace. People are fighting with each other and there are enemies attacking and oppressing Israel. Society is falling apart. No one seems to know what to do about it.

I. Deborah

In the midst of all of these societal wails, Deborah is called by God to be a judge in Israel. She has a relationship with God. Her lifestyle is one of obedience, which is counter-culture to what is happening around her.  Deborah stands out. People flock to her for advice. She is a speaker of wisdom because she has a relationship with God and knows His Word, the source of wisdom. This is what makes her stand out. When she speaks, she shares the wisdom that she has learned from the Word of God. If you are a mother, are you connected to the source of wisdom? Are you modeling a relationship with God to your children? Are you teaching your children to get to know God through His Word? Are you sharing the source of wisdom with your children?

Deborah was family oriented. In her society, like in our own, the nuclear family was falling apart. Cohabitation was common. Women were victims of the men’s insatiable perverse sexuality. Abortion was a common practice, under the guise of “worship”. Deborah stood out because she had a family and was an example to the rest of society. Deborah is not a lone wolf. She immediately forms a team when asked by God to free the people. She does not try to do it all on her own. She did not by into the modern feminist idea that women do not need men. Deborah is told by God to go to Barak and work with him. She understood that men need women and women need men. We need to work together to accomplish God’s calling to free our people from the cycle of sin and bring positive change to our entire society.

Deborah is a beautiful example of a servant-leader. She does not get the people to serve her, even though she has been appointed by God to lead. She serves with the people. She goes to battle with Barak, even though she is a woman and war was for the men. Deborah is a brave, servant-leader and an example for all modern girls and women. Once the battle is won, in Judges 5, Deborah composes a song to teach the people to be grateful to God and to worship God. Her song was inspired by God and chosen by God to be placed in His Holy Scriptures as a teaching for all generations. Women, mothers, daughters, and all female role models, we must learn gratefulness and pass it on to our entire society. We must learn to worship God and spread His Words of Wisdom to every nook and cranny of our society. This is the societal change that we need and are all desperate for in our modern times.

II. Jael

Jael is an interesting character in this story. She is not part of the children of God. In fact, her people have sided with the enemy of Israel. She is a wise woman. Jael, like Rehab before her, realized who this awesome God of the Istaelites was and wanted to do His will. She chose to disobey her people’s orders and serve the God of Israel. Her name means mountain goat but the root of her name comes from the verb “to benefit”. She takes advantage of the situation for her benefit. She sees her opportunity to serve the God of Israel and she shows bravery and courage. She is honored by God for all time having her name and her deeds written down in His eternal Book. What about you, my dear friend, maybe you are not part of the family of God yet you want to be like Deborah and bring about positive societal change? The good news is, like Jael, you have learned of God’s plans and you can choose to follow Him instead of going along with the rest of what your people (society) have chosen to do. I pray that you will choose wisely, like Deborah, like Jael.

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