Worship: the Word, the Light,the prayers

I am getting ready to teach my staff another lesson on genuine worship. This is our 4th one in the series of 6. I am excited to see what we are learning, practical teachings on how God defines genuine worship. Here are some of the previous articles on this subject:

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From the last lesson, we discovered that, as Christians, we are called by God to be holy, set apart from the rest of the world, and to live as priests among the nations. The role of the priest was to minister to God daily by ministering to the people. As priests, our daily job is to live as a sacrifice before the Lord. How do we do that? We do it by not being conformed to the way that this world thinks and acts. We are to be transformed by God, having our minds renewed constantly. We are also to proclaim the excellencies of the One who called us out of darkness and into His marvelous light! How can we do this practically? This lesson has the answer.

I. Consume the Word of God daily

In the Old Testament, after the priests had entered the gate, offered the sacrifice, and washed in the bronze laver, he was able to enter into the holy place. Upon entering the holy place, he encountered the table of showbread, the priest’s daily source of sustenance. Without this bread, he was not able to minister to the Lord or minister on behalf of the people. This bread is a representation of the Word of God, the source of our spiritual life. In the New Testament, Jesus told the people who were following Him, looking for another free meal, that they must consume Him, the bread of life. How can we do that practically? According to John 1, Jesus is the eternal Word made flesh. As His followers, if we are going to be useful priests to the Lord, we must consume His Word day by day so that we will be spiritually strong and able to serve. Do you consume the Word of God daily? Why? Is it out of habit, out of duty? Or, do you realize that It is the source of your spiritual strength to make you able to serve the Lord by serving the people around you? Jesus, the person who had the very Words of eternal life, He lived off of every Word that came out of the mouth of God. When He did battle with the enemy, He countered every attack with nothing more than the Word of God. If we are going to keep ourselves from being conformed to the pattern of this world, we must feast on the Word of God daily so that our minds may be transformed and renewed. This is our source of strength. Without It, we will be conformed to the pattern of this world, we will not be transformed, and our minds will not be renewed. Also, we will not be able to perform the services of a priest on this earth.

II. Walk in the Light of the Word of God

Across from the table of showbread, the priest encountered the only light source in the tabernacle, the 7 branched candelabra. The priests were to keep the light burning night and day. In the New Testament, Jesus tells us that He is the Light of the world and He is able to enlighten every man. How does He do it? He does it through His Word. When we consume the Word of God, our eyes are opened to the Truth and we see things as they really are. This is the only way that we can carry out the Apostle Paul’s command of walking (living) as the children of the light. We cannot do that ourselves. We must have the power source, the Word of God to enlighten our path and then give us the ability to walk down that path. This is the job of the priest, to live in the light. As New Covenant believers, our daily lives and tasks have already been revealed to us by God. We are to consume the Word of God and apply what we learn moment by moment. This is what it means to walk in the light. Are you doing that? Are you still asking questions like, “What does God want me to do? When will He let me know?” or saying things like, “well, it’s been about 20 years and I am still waiting on God to show me His will for my life.” If these are you questions or statements, you have missed it. If you are a true believer, God has already revealed His will to you. You are called to be a priest, to minister to the Lord by ministering to the people around you. You do this by feasting off of His Word daily and living by what you are learning.

III. Intercede on behalf of others

The next thing that the priest encountered in the holy place was the altar of incense. This incense constantly burned and was intercession on behalf of the sinful priest. If the incense ever stopped, the sinful priest would die because he was too close to the presence of a Holy God. Psalm 141:2 teaches us that incense represents prayers. Under the New Covenant, we learn that Jesus Christ intercedes on our behalf with the Father. Although God has changed us from the inside out under the New Covenant, causing us to be born again, we still have a sin nature that has yet to be done away with while we still live here on this earth. Therefore, in order for the presence of God to be in us and for us to be in the presence of God, we must have Christ intercede on our behalf. He does it for us day and night. As believers, we are commanded to pray without ceasing. We do not just pray for ourselves. We participate in intercessory prayer on behalf of others. This is nothing new. All throughout the Scriptures, we encounter a similar pattern. When people connect with God, they want to connect with others and help them connect with God too. In order to do this, we must intercede on their behalf with our prayers. Is prayer a way of life for you? Do you pray without ceasing? Did you notice that consuming the Word comes first and then prayer follows? Maybe you do not have a prayer life because you are not first feasting on the Word of God.

So, my dear friend, if you are waiting to discover the will of God for your life, congratulations, you have discovered it here in this lesson. God wants you to live as a priest in the lost and wicked world. In order to do that, you must be a follower of Jesus Christ. You must feast on the Word of God daily and apply what you learn. This will stir up a passion in you to pray and intercede on behalf of the people around you. You are to connect with them to teach them how to connect with God. This is the will of God for every born again Christian living under the New Covenant. My prayer for you and for me is that we will be faithful to this calling each and every day of our lives on this earth. God bless!!!

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