God our Rescuer

Here at Hoffmantown Church for the year 2016, we are walking through the entire Bible. As a children’s department, we are teaching through the Bible, showing how everything in the Bible points to our Savior, our Rescuer, Jesus Christ.

I have the honor and privilege of teaching Genesis 6-9, the story of the great flood.

I. Mankind’s great problem

The story begins by presenting mankind’s great problem, our sin nature. In Genesis 6, God tells us what our nature as human beings is like. God explains that wickedness was great on the earth. He describes the thoughts and intents of the heart of each person on earth, back then and even now. Mankind’s thoughts are evil and his intents are wicked. Sin nature is extremely wicked. To make it worse, mankind, aside from Noah and his family, did not know God and were totally enslaved by their sin nature. When mankind is totally given over to his sin nature, he corrupts himself in the sight of God and harms those around him. The earth was full of violence. We see this today. Mankind still has a sin nature and many are given over to their sin nature because they do not know God. Where this is present, violence prospers. The further our society gets from God, the more violent we get as people. God knows mankind’s situation and He has the solution. God intervenes in the lives of Noah and his family.

II. Noah’s favor

Noah was a man just like the rest of us. He wanted the same things that we want. He had a corrupt sin nature just like all of us. Noah and his family found favor in the sight of God. Part of God’s intervention was to have a relationship with Noah. God wants to have a relationship with all mankind and He wanted to have a relationship with the people of Noah’s day. Noah, unlike everyone else, had a sensitive spirit to hear from God and he desired to follow Him. Because of this, Noah was a righteous man. He was right in the eyes of God according to God’s standard. Noah had a sin nature that strove to lead him to do evil. But, because of his relationship with God, he was made to be blameless among a wicked and perverse generation. Noah had three children and he had passed his relationship with God on to his family. This relationship is seen by God communicating with Noah and Noah responding in obedience. God told Noah to build an ark, take his family and enter the ark, and bring 2 of each kind of animal to survive the world wide flood.

God uses the flood to protect Noah and his family from the evil, violent people around him. Noah and his family are the only people left. God commands Noah and his family to repopulate the earth. Noah is a man who has a relationship with God, yet, at the same time, he still has a sin nature. Upon exiting the ark, Noah worshiped God. Noah began to rebuild. He grew crops, such as grapes and made wine. He got drunk one night and one of his sons, also a person with a sin nature, came and violated Noah while he slept. Even though God had wiped out almost all of mankind, sin nature remained as was passed on from one generation to the next. Mankind still needs to be rescued and God is the One who will send a Rescuer.

III. God’s provision: Covenant

When Noah exited the ark, God made a covenant with Noah, his family, and the entire earth, from generation to generation. He promised never to destroy the earth and all life again by flood. This covenant of rescue is a shadow of another covenant that was to come some 2,000 years later in the person of Jesus Christ. This is a foreshadowing of the New Covenant where God does deal with our sin nature, breaking its power by the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  In this New Covenant, God wants to have a personal relationship with each person, just like He did during the days of Noah.

Have you entered the New Covenant? Are you still dominated by your sin nature? Do you walk with God daily? Do you hear from God and respond in obedience? Are you sharing the Good News of God’s provision for all of mankind? May the Lord bless us as we learn to walk with Him and share His great provision with all who will listen!


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