Finding your worth in Christ

What do you look to in order to find your self-worth? What is that one thing, if you were to attain it, do you feel would bring you genuine satisfaction? Is it good looks? Maybe you believe that it is a certain guy or girl? Could it be a big family? Maybe you feel that wealth would do the trick? What are you searching for that you do not have?

In Genesis chapters 29-30, we find an interesting story about a group of people who were seeking happiness. They all had their different desires yet, at the end of the day, when those desires were satisfied, they were left unsatisfied. Why is it that when we finally acquire that which we have dreamed that would make us truly happy, we usually end up disappointed and frustrated? Is there anything that can satisfy us fully? The answer to that final question is a resounding YES!!! But, before we examine the source of true satisfaction, we have to examine the things that do not satisfy. Continue reading