Jairus learns to have faith

003-jairus-daughterHi everyone, it has been a while since I last wrote a post. I have been busy with summer ministry. In June we had VBS where we learned about the life of Noah and the Great Flood. Then, I left with a team from our church to travel to Romania where we served at 2 day camps with children and teens. Upon returning home, we had our own Day camp at church. Now, I am getting back into the swing of things for a few days until a much needed vacation.

This week, I am teaching at our preschool age children’s worship service. The kids are 2-5 years old, depending on when they are able to start kinder and move up to the elementry age children’s worship service. Our topic is a miracle performed by Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. The story is close to the end of chapter 8. The story falls in line with the main teaching of Chapter 8. People hear the message of the Gospel proclaimed by Jesus, understand the Gospel, believe the Gospel, see your life changed by the Gospel, follow Jesus, and proclaim that Gospel to all who are around. This is seen with the parable of the sower and the seed, the healing of the demon possessed man, the healing of the woman, and other teachings in the long passage of Luke 8.

I. Come to Jesus out of desperation

Jairus is a man who seeks after God. His names means enlightened by God. The origin of his name means one who shines. Jairus has had the ability to be enlightened by God because of his position in the synagogue. He had never been enlightened. Now, he is in a time of desperation, his 12 year old daughter is dying and there is nothing he can do about it. He position in society cannot help him. His possessions cannot help him. He can do nothing but come to Jesus and beg for help. This reminds me of the first of the Beatitudes that Jesus taught; “blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven“. This is how we are to come to God, with nothing to offer and only to receive, like a beggar with nothing to his name. No one has anything to offer God but, we seem to think that we do and that keeps us from being enlightened. Jairus came as a man poor in spirit. Jesus was not too busy for Jairus. Jesus wanted to enlighten Jairus and He was ready to do so but, the crowds were great and His attention was distracted by a women who also needed enlightenment. In the middle of the story with Jairus, the Gospel writer, Luke, interrupts with the healing of the sick woman. It seems that Jesus and Jairus were separated before Jesus could enlighten Jairus. This was an obstacle for Jairus but, he did not give up.

Have you ever experienced such desperate times that you were driven to your knees to cry out to God for help, like a beggar? Do you realize that God uses tough situations to force you to turn to him and cry out in desperation? How do you respond? Do you continue to kick against the goads or, do you give in and cry out for help? Jairus stopped relying on everything and turned to the Lord for help.

II. Seek Jesus until you find Him

Jairus did not give up. After Jesus healed the sick woman, Jairus found Him again and begged Him to heal his daughter. Jesus, once again, was ready to enlighten Jairus so that Jairus could live out the meaning of his name, the enlightened one who shines. Another obstacle presented itself while Jairus was talking to Jesus. One of Jairus’ servants comes up to him and informs him that his daughter is dead. Jairus begins to lose heart. Jesus reaches out to him and encourages Jairus to believe in Him. Now Jairus has nothing left but to believe. Jesus goes to Jairus’ house and sees the girl. He brings her back to life. This is an amazing miracle but, it is not the most amazing miracle in the story. The fact that Jairus is enlightened and comes to faith in Jesus Christ. His life is transformed and he is now able to shine the light of the Lord to all who are around him. This falls in line with the main teachings of Luke 8. Jairus hears the message of the Gospel. He understands the message of the Gospel because Jesus explains the message to him. Jairus believes in Jesus Christ, the central character of the message of the Gospel. His life is changed. He was created to be enlightened and shine the light of the Lord but, because of his sin nature, a nature that we are all born with, he was not able to live up to his calling. Jesus fixed that through faith. Jairus now has a testimony to share with all.

My dear friend, do you realize that you were created to be a direct reflection of God through your attitude, words, and actions? Have you been transformed by Christ so that you can reflect God correctly? What difficult circumstances have you encountered where God was driving you to your knees to turn to Him in desperation? How did you respond? Are you still running from God? Are you ready to come to Him like a beggar with nothing to offer and everything to receive? Do you seek after Jesus on a daily basis? What obstacles try to prevent you from running to Jesus? Do you overcome those obstacles or do they overcome you? Are you proclaiming the Good News of Christ to all who are around you? May the Lord help us be enlightened by Him so that we can shine His light in the lives of the people around us!

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