Jesus’ 7 I am sayings

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 8.37.27 AMI want to write on the 7 I am sayings of Jesus Christ. In the New Testament, when Jesus claimed “I am” He was making connection to the Old Testament name “Jehovah“, the name that God revealed to Moses when he asked God, “who is sending me”? God stated that this is His name for all generations. The Jews knew what Jesus meant when He called Himself “Jehovah”, that He was and is God. As Jehovah, He is also El Shaddai, the God who has life in Himself and imparts that life in the lives of His followers. In the Gospels, Jesus tells us what He imparts to us as His followers. Do you know what all Christ has to pour into you as His follower? I would say that many “followers” are unaware of what is at their disposal as disciples of Jesus Christ. This has been my experience over the past 17 years of ministry, literally all over the world. Continue reading