Working in your planner daily

In the previous two posts, we have covered the subjects of the importance of planning your time and the value of getting a personal planning notebook. We learned about identifying our values and then setting goals based on those values. Then, there was a practical assignment to help you determine what your values are. I really hope that you were able to do this. This lesson will help you develop a system to work in your planner on a daily basis so that you can evaluate your daily activities, making sure that they line up with your values and that you use every day to move closer to attaining your set goals. If you are anything like I am, you need step by step instructions on how to do things. If things are set before me with specific steps, I will more than likely be able to accomplish things than if things are left vague, general, and at the conceptual level.

I. Every activity must be in my planner

If it is not in my planner, I probably should not be doing it. This will allow me to set my agenda according to my priorities instead of having others set my agenda for me.

II. Three important things that must be in my planner

  • Tasks that I have to complete
  • Meetings that I have to attend
  • Notes that I take and thoughts or ideas that I have daily

III. Your planner with help you:

  • be punctual
  • be efficient in what you do
  • be prepared for meetings that you have to attend
  • not live a chaotic lifestyle
  • be an organized person
  • not be agitated easily
  • keep from double booking activities
  • keep from overbooking yourself
  • not fall complacent in routines
  • stay on track, working according to your priorities
  • be a person of action and not just a visionary and a dreamer

IV. Set aside time every day to work with your planner

Plan to plan. If you work better in the morning, do it then. If you work better in the evening, do it then. It needs to be just below Bible study and prayer on your daily activities. Evaluate your previous day. See what you were able to accomplish and what you need to continue working on. Make sure your previous day’s activities and meetings lined up with your core values. Make sure that the current day’s activities and meetings line up with your core values. This will help you be efficient in what you do and allow you to control and set your agenda instead of allowing others, or circumstances do it for you.

V. Be a realist when you plan

Think about when you go to the gym for the first time in a while. During the workout, you say to yourself, I’m going to do this every single day, maybe twice a day. Then the soreness of the next day hits and you are like, “I’ll workout every other day”. By the 3rd day, you say, “I’m okay with how I look, I don’t need to workout”. The same is true with weight loss. I have to lose 35 pounds in 3 weeks. I get one week in and then fall off the wagon. Instead of getting up and starting over with realistic goals, I just give up and gain 15 pounds. Be a realist when you plan your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activities.

VI. Always evaluate

When you evaluate, be honest. Look at what you are doing well. Accept the things that you are doing well and keep doing them. Admit the things that need to be improved. Write down the steps that need to be taken in order to see improvement. Make adjustments in your planning based on your constant evaluation in the light of your core values.

VII. Teach others to plan

This will help you greatly because it will help you form a team and working as a team based on core values is the heart of what God is doing on the earth. God teaches us to plan and invites us to join His team. As we learn, we put this into practice and as we begin to master the art, God leads us to teach others to plan and join the team. It is part of making disciples.

My dear friend, are you a person who wants to be efficient in what you do? Do you want to live a life that leaves a lasting legacy? Do you want to live an epic life that transforms the world around you? I know that I do and that is why I have learned to plan, joined God’s team around His core values, plan my activities according to God’s goals, teach others to plan as I invite them to join God’s team. May the Lord help us accomplish much in 2017 for the kingdom of God.

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