Discipleship and Second Timothy (4)

Just imagine what would happen to our churches in North America if every church began to follow this pattern of discipleship as set out in II Timothy. What would happen if people saw themselves as active servants instead of church going spectators? How would our homes be transformed, our communities, our work places, our country? What will you do about it? Continue reading

Discipleship and Second Timothy (3)

Unfortunately, many people view Christianity like they do fire insurance. You can live without God but it is a good idea to have Him in your life, put just a part of your life instead of your way of life. In order to support this idea, the Biblical idea of discipleship is basically removed from church teaching. I want my get out of hell card stamped so I will go to church from time to time, give some money, get baptized, and all is well. This is not the picture that the Bible presents to us as Christianity. This is not discipleship. Continue reading

Discipleship and Second Timothy (2)

With this article, I would like to propose 3 ways to suffer for the Gospel according to the will of God and come out on the other side victorious. Suffering has a twofold benefit. As believers, our faith is tested and strengthened through enduring persecution. Also, the Gospel spreads quicker and more efficiently in the midst of strong persecution as a person suffers for the Gospel. All of church history gives an account of this, starting with the book of Acts. Continue reading

Discipleship and Second Timothy

Having spent several years in a foreign country under the leadership of a mentor has caused me to see the value of Biblical discipleship, being mentored and mentoring others. Because of this experience I believe that living in another country for a significant period of time is almost a necessity for every American Christian living in the United States, especially if he or she has the opportunity to sit under the teaching of a mentor. Continue reading

Discipleship and Missions

Have you ever considered being a missionary for the Lord? Would you know how to be one and what to do? If someone were to ask you to mentor him/her, how would you respond? This is article is about learning how to be a mentor/missionary according to God’s Word. Continue reading

Paul’s Plan to make disciples

I love to study and teach on the vibrant life and ministry of the Apostle Paul. He was a man who brought the Gospel to the Gentiles. I am a benefactor of his life and ministry. Paul was a disciple … Continue reading

The church plant in Philippi

I am getting ready to teach our kids this coming Sunday about the Apostle Paul’s Second missionary journey. Part of that journey included a church plant in the city of Philippi. As we saw when Paul was on his first … Continue reading