Can one man really make a difference?

dr_joe_and_mrs_zandraAs a pastor, I enjoy sharing the Good News of the Gospel with the people around me as well as counseling believers and nonbelievers alike. As I speak with people about the difference one person can make in this world I usually end up hearing something like, “what can one person really do to make a difference in this big world of ours.”. I leave it as a statement instead of a question because from the tone of voice and body language, it is obvious that the person in making a statement instead of asking a question. I want to share about the impact that two people have had on this world by impacting the lives of many, many people. Continue reading

Cohabitation and Domestic violence

We hear more and more discussions these days about stopping domestic violence. There are many, many campaigns out there that want to “educate” people on the problem of domestic violence and how to stop it. The discussion is very similar to AIDS awareness discussions. They speak of the problem and offer solutions but never address the root of the problem. If you know anything about medicine then you know that if you just treat the symptoms and never get to the root of the problem then the person will never be cured, just becomes dependent on the meds that treat the symptoms. I have written on the subject of cohabitation and you can read it here. Continue reading

Elizabeth Marie Brewer is here!!!

559924_10151139409216976_679004662_nYesterday morning at 10:30, my wife gave birth to our 3rd child, a baby girl named Elizabeth Marie. Elizabeth is my maternal grandmother’s name and Marie is Elena’s mother’s name. Like with our other 2 children, we wanted to choose names with Biblical meaning because people constantly ask what name have you chosen as you go through the pregnancy. We try to use every opportunity to share the Good News of our God with every person we meet so when we share the names that we have chosen we are also able to share the meaning which opens the door to a discussion about God. Here are the names of our other children and the meanings. Continue reading

Update from the Brewers

It has been a whirlwind tour since arriving in the States almost 3 weeks ago. Upon arrival I was able to drive 6 hours to see my mom and spend some time with her (I think she was more interested in my kids 🙂 ) Then I was back in St. Louis to preach at Cornerstone on Sunday at the Russian service. It was great to see old friends there and worship together. Continue reading

Upon the death of my grandfather, Berkley Brewer

Last year in December we lost my father. This year in October we lost his father. In less than one year two great men have gone and we are left to cope. God gives new life to remind us that life is precious and that we are to appreciate and value it. I write this as we await the birth of our 3rd child. God also allows death as a reminder to us of how we are living day by day knowing that one day we will all pass away (unless Christ returns during our lifetime) and have to stand before Him to give an account for how we appreciated this precious gift of life that He has given us. God reminds us of this in His Word over and over and then gives us specific times in life when we are to reflect on “how we are living”. Continue reading

A great week of ministry

One week before loading up and traveling to the States, our church hosted a mission team from the State of Maryland. A team of 8 volunteers traveled from the State of Maryland to serve with us in Moldova for one week. Our initial plan was to have three afternoon Bible clubs in three different villages but God had a slightly different plan. Continue reading

Teaching God’s Word

I spent the weekend at a Bible study seminar with many of the members of our church, Good News. Our senior pastor, Vasile Filat, taught the overview of the book of Ephesians. It is a relevant letter for all time. There were so many applicable truths that each and every person on the planet needs to know. We began Friday night and worked until Sunday afternoon. About 50 of our church members were there. While we were there, we evaluated the ministries of the church and planned activities over the next 6 months or so. I would like to present some of the results of my department, education. Continue reading

5 days in the life of a missionary

I want to write a short blurb about what all I have been privileged to be part of over the past 5 days. It is an honor to serve the Lord no matter where you are, especially in the place where He has called you to be. I want to share a little of what life is like on the mission field and will use the past 5 days in my life in the ministry. Continue reading

Is a Christian obligated to vote?

With the upcoming elections, there are many people who are arguing about who we should vote for and why for the office of president of the USA. Some people claim that Christians are not to be involved in politics and voting is optional, not an obligation. I would like to take a look at the Word of God and see if a Christian is obligated to vote or not and if the Bible teaches us for whom to cast our votes.

I would like to observe two passages from the New Testament, written by the Apostle Paul. The two passages are Romans 13:1-7 and I Timothy 2:1-4. Continue reading

A summer full of ministry

I am so glad to be able to write to you about the summer I have had. That is part of the reason why I have not been very active on my blog. I have not been home much and I have not had much access to the internet over the past 2 1/2 months. Continue reading