Heroes appear after the danger is over

heart_of_stone_by_thecomicfanThis title of this article is based on an idiom in the Romanian language. Basically, it means that the true heroes fight while the danger is present. After the danger is over, the rest come out with signs of bravado, even though they were hiding when the danger was present. This is a perfect picture of what we see in the children of Israel in Numbers 13 and Numbers 14. Continue reading

The Hall of Faith and Obedience

hall-of-faith-side-screen-360x196As I prepare to teach our Connect Group (formerly Sunday School) at Southern Calvert Baptist Church, I am amazed to see, once again, the beauty and simplicity of the Word of God. We have been studying the epistles of the New Testament this quarter. In the previous quarter, we drilled down into the book of the Acts of the apostles. It was a great study. Here is a list of some of the lesson which we have covered: Continue reading

Trust the Lord when life gets tough

UntitledTonight, at church, we are hosting a parents’ night out which means that we get the kiddos. We have over 80 kids signed up. The program is called Kids’ Jams. I am excited. We have a fun night planned. We are going to study Habakkuk.

What do you do when bad things happen? Some people blame God. Others lose hope. While still others try to “fix” the situation. What if none of those help, then what do you do? Habakkuk has the answer for us. Continue reading

Do you care about people?

prayer1 I was preparing to teach a Bible study on prayer the other night and as I began to lay out the lesson plan I noticed a repeating pattern in the lives of the great men of faith in the Old Testament. They were men who cared deeply for the people around them and the people of the world. I would like to take a look at the lives of three men and the prayers that they prayed for their nation and the nations of the world.

Moses is the first person of faith that I would like to look at in the O.T. We see his prayer in the O.T. book of Exodus. Moses has been leading the people of Israel since delivering them from slavery in Egypt. Moses quickly found out that people are ungrateful and grumble and complain very easily. While following the Lord’s lead through the desert the people of Israel were disobedient to God over and over again. God had enough of their ungratefulness and was about to wipe them out. Moses began pleading with God on behalf of the people of Israel. Let’s see what happens as we read Moses’ prayer.

Continue reading