We must obey God!

FI103017_TSW_Acts4Today, I am going to teach from Acts 5 to a group of kids at our church in the AWANA program. This group of kids is learning the book of Acts. This lesson is about obeying God rather than man. Just like there is such a thing as righteous indignation, there is also such a thing as righteous rebellion. This seems like a contradiction but, it actually complements the teachings in the Bible about subjection to earthly authority. In the heart of every human being, there is a spark of rebellion. We have this rebellious streak because of our sin nature. When raising children, we do not have to teach them to be rebellious. It comes naturally to them, just as it comes naturally to us. The definition of rebellion is “resisting an established law“. Continue reading

An ungodly person does not submit to spiritual authority

Another Monday evening is upon us and I am getting ready to teach Jude. We have arrived at lesson 4, a crucial lesson in this study of the book of Jude. So far, we have seen Jude describe the way of life of the ungodly who have crept in to the church and are stirring up all kinds of problems. In direct contrast to the ungodly, Jude also describes the way of life of the godly, those who had answered God’s call and been transformed by God. In the last lesson, we learned more about what genuine faith looks like and what genuine salvation does to us. Here are some links to those previous lessons.

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The authority of the Word of God

Last week, during our staff meeting, we covered II Timothy 3, learning the differences between the believers and the unbelievers in the church based on their attitude toward the Word of God. This week, we want to focus on the authority of the Word of God. Do you sit under the authority of the Word of God? How do you know that you sit under the authority of the Word of God? Let’s see if we can find the answer from the Word of God. Continue reading