Persecution: The fuel that furthers the Gospel

philip-eunuchWe are in Acts 8 as we continue to walk through the New Testament this year in our Children’s Department at Hoffmantown Church. To get us caught up in what we have learned, we need to take a look at the commands given to the disciples by Jesus before He ascended into heaven.

  • you will receive power
  • the power will be the Holy Spirit
  • the Holy Spirit will allow you to be a witness for Christ to all
  • you are to live a life of missions, seeking to make disciples of all nations and ethnic groups
  • evangelize and equip/train those who believe
  • teach/preach/proclaim/share the Word of God with all who will listen
  • you are to make disciples starting in Jerusalem and moving out to the ends of the earth

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Jesus: Experiencing His Life and Ministry

jesus-leadingI am getting ready to meet with my preschool teachers to begin studying the Gospel of Mark so that we can unify as a team, grow in the Word, and prepare to continue investing the Gospel in the lives of the children whom God has entrusted to us. This week’s lesson is Mark 1:1-28.

I. Jesus the person

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Covenant, Lesson 2: Exchanging the Old-self for the New-self

Well, it’s Monday once again and I am EXCITED because I have a small group Bible study that meets on Monday evenings. We are walking through the Precept Upon Precept course entitled “Covenant”. If I could only teach one study for the rest of my life, I would choose this one. It is so eye opening and the explanation of Christianity becomes so clear. The Old and New Testaments tie together beautifully. I get excited just thinking about it.

Last week we covered Lesson 1, learning that the idea of covenant originated with God. We also learned that there are two types of covenant, ones between God and man and ones between man and man. The covenants between man and man are always extremely conditional. The weaker comes to the stronger and sets the conditions. The benefactor is the one who sets the conditions, the weaker. The covenants between God and man are much different. In these covenants, the stronger comes to the weaker. The stronger sets the conditions for the benefit of the weaker. It only makes sense to enter into covenant with God. There are few conditions and many benefits. Yet, we tend to want to make agreements with people instead, even though there are many conditions and very few actual benefits. Many people do not want to enter into covenant with God because they do not know the Truth about who God is and what He wants. Continue reading

The giving of the spiritual gifts

During our last staff meeting, we covered an overview of spiritual gifts. This week we are going to take a look at the initial giving of the spiritual gifts to the early church. We learned last week that it is Christ who gives us the gifts. He is the One who chooses which gift(s) we receive. We do not pray for a certain gift. We also discovered that we do not all have the same gifts. Not everyone has a speaking gift. Not everyone has a serving gift. Both types of gifts are equally important. The gifts are given to us to be used in serving one another and not ourselves. If the gifts are used properly, the Lord is glorified and the ministry grows. Continue reading

A lesson on baptism

I am preparing to teach this Sunday during children’s church. I am excited about the topic although it is not an easy one to explain to children, because, quite frankly, there are many adults who do not understand the purpose of Christian baptism. I have written several articles on the subject of baptism and will draw from them in order to write this one. On a lighter side, here is how I picture the perfect baptism. (fast forward 19 seconds)

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Baptism Service at Good News

Tomorrow, Good News Church will celebrate a baptismal service. There are 5 believers who want to show their obedience to Jesus Christ by being baptized according to the New Testament mandate. We are praying for a big crowd and a lot of nonbelievers so that we can preach the Gospel on this special occasion. I have prepared a sermon for tomorrow since I will be the one performing the baptisms. I want to share that sermon here so that I can think through the points and improve on the message. Most people in Moldova do not have a proper understanding of baptism since most are baptized in the Orthodox Church as babies. The fact that faith and salvation come before baptism is a hard thing for most to understand, because they have never read the Bible. Continue reading

The importance of Baptism

I would like to address the issue of Christian baptism in this article. Views are divided on this subject. Some believe that baptism causes a person to be a Christian and therefore they have their children baptized as soon as they can after they are born. Others believe that baptism is not that important for a Christian and is optional Continue reading