Elisha prepared for ministry

63865-1280px-elijahthrowinghismantleonelisha.1200w.tnOnce again, I am preparing to teach our Bible study for our Connect Groups this coming Sunday at Southern Calvert Baptist Church. This is our third week in a row that we are focusing on the life and ministry of the prophet Elijah. We saw Elijah’s encounter with the pagan, widow woman. Then we looked at how Elijah confronted the sin of King Ahab and his wicked wife, Jezebel. The previous article ended the complicated life of King Ahab. This week, we are going to come to the end of Elijah’s earthly ministry. But, before Elijah goes to be with the Lord, he does what all good leaders in the Bible do; he makes a disciple. Elijah prepares a disciple to receive the baton of leadership and continue the ministry. Far too many leaders today miss the most important calling of leadership, to prepare more leaders. Continue reading

Contend earnestly for the faith (II)

I previously wrote an article on this same subject a couple of weeks ago as I was preparing to teach a seminar on how to study the Bible inductively. I am now teaching Jude, Precept Upon Precept. Last week we met and covered lesson 1, the overview. I am preparing to teach lesson 2 this coming Monday night. I would like to share some of the truths that I have discovered. I pray that they will be as encouraging to you as they are to me.

As we have seen from our previous study of Jude, there are two types of people described in this letter and they are both members of the church. I would like to examine the two different groups to see what we learn about contending earnestly for the faith. Continue reading

Abraham: The father of faith

Do you ever think about the legacy that you leave behind, the impact that you have in the lives of the people of the nation in which you live? Would you like to leave a positive legacy that would not only impact your family but also your entire nation? Would you like to change the course of the history of your country? Many people, unfortunately, in our day and time do not think about these questions. Or if they do, they use a holy excuse like, “I am not anybody special, let someone else impact the world.” God is an extraordinary figure and He is in the business of taking ordinary people and using them to transform the world. The first example that comes to mind is an ordinary Jewish carpenter who turned the world as we knew it upside down. Continue reading