Repentance, Forgivness, and New Purpose

Alright, I hope that you week has been wonderful. Mine was filled with study and teaching the Word of God. It was amazing to see Him work through His Word in the lives of the people around me. I hope that your week was very fruitful for the Lord. If not, don’t lose heart. You have a fresh chance this week to make it a productive one. This past Sunday during #theROC I was able to teach on Luke 15 about the 3 parables. This week, I am going to focus on the one son who repented. The lesson is all about repentance, forgiveness, and a new purpose in life. I pray that this will be useful to you and that the Lord will use it to bless you as you read, understand, and apply what you learn. Continue reading

Revival in 2015

I am getting ready to lead a retreat with my staff in a couple of weeks and this is one of the topics that I want to cover over the weekend. If you have been in a Baptist church for more than 5 minutes, you have heard the word “revival”. Some churches still have revivals on a yearly basis.

The idea behind revival is to experience a spiritual renewal in your life. There is a case of this in Israel that I would like to examine. This is what I am going to teach on in a couple of days. This example of spiritual renewal is found in II Kings 22 as well as in II Chronicles 34.¬† Josiah is our “hero” in these passages. He is used by God to change the direction of a nation during his lifetime. We have much to learn from him. Continue reading

Humbleness and Obedience go hand in hand

Last night, during our Philippians Bible study, we covered the idea of humbleness and obedience to the Lord. God, through His great wisdom, gives us an example of humbleness and obedience in the person of Jesus Christ. He also commands us to humble ourselves and obey Him. Not only does He do these two things, He also gives us a litmus test daily to show if we are humbly obeying Him or not. Now, is an example and a command enough? Let’s find out.

Our passage of examination is Philippians 1:27-2:11. Take a moment to read this passage. Now let’s examine what God has to teach us here. Continue reading

Leadership: Helping people break the cycle of sin

slavery_to_sinAs I prepare to teach my staff tomorrow on the subject of leadership, I sit here thinking about the problem that all humanity faces, our slavery to our sin nature, which we inherit from our parents. Do you understand how the cycle of sin works? Are you still stuck in that cycle? Do you know how to lead people out of that cycle?

All of mankind is born into this cycle of sin because of original sin. We all inherit a sin nature from our parents. Sin is in us and it begins to manifest itself from an early age. I have written this before but I believe that it is worth writing again. We see inherited sin in children through the fact that we do not have to teach them to lie, steal, be selfish, harm others etc. Instead, as parents, we have to teach them not to do these things. Continue reading

Dealing with bullies in a Godly way (2)

Last week’s lesson on dealing with bullies really impacted me as I was preparing it. Through God’s grace, I was able to communicate the lesson to the kids clearly. This week I am preparing to teach part two, on the life of the apostle Paul. Before Paul became the greatest missionary that the world has ever known, apart from Jesus Christ, he was Saul and he was a bully. I want to examine the facts and discover how he became a bully and what he was doing to bully others. What is God’s plan for bullies and what can you do to handle a bully in a godly way? Continue reading

The full armor of God; the belt of Truth

roman_beltDuring the summer, in children’s church a.k.a. “Big City Clubhouse”, we are covering the full armor of God from Ephesians 6:10-17. Over the past two weeks, we have covered the overview, focusing on the commands given to us, the enemy, and the promises that we have been given by God. It has been neat to see that we are fighting a defeated enemy. All we have to do is prepare for battle and show up and we are guaranteed victory over the enemy every single time. This coming Sunday, we are going to begin focusing on the specific pieces of armor that God has made available to us, beginning with the belt of Truth. Continue reading

A lesson on baptism

I am preparing to teach this Sunday during children’s church. I am excited about the topic although it is not an easy one to explain to children, because, quite frankly, there are many adults who do not understand the purpose of Christian baptism. I have written several articles on the subject of baptism and will draw from them in order to write this one. On a lighter side, here is how I picture the perfect baptism. (fast forward 19 seconds)

Continue reading

The daily importance of Christ’s resurrection

I have been invited to speak to a MOPS group at our church this week. The theme is Easter, so, instead of just going over the Easter story again, I decided to add a twist to the lesson and ask “what is the significance of Christ’s resurrection for me on a daily basis?”. Can you answer that question? You see, the resurrection of Christ is something that we commemorate once a year yet celebrate daily. What is the daily importance of Christ’s resurrection? The apostle Paul explains this to us in Romans 6. Now that you have had a chance to read the text, I would like to walk through the points of why the resurrection of Christ has daily significance for me as a believer. Continue reading

Zacchaeus: Changed by Jesus to serve others

I am preparing to teach this Sunday’s children’s message and thought that I would share it with you here as I think through the process. The message is about¬†Zacchaeus. This month has really emphasized the fact that we must learn to know God, and when we do get to know Him, our lives as well as our purpose in life, are both forever changed. In order to get to this point, we learned about how Eli mentored Samuel and how Samuel learned to know God and began to serve others because of that knowledge. God used Samuel to impact many lives in a positive manner. In fact, Samuel acted as the final Judge in the history of the nation of Israel. He was used by God to choose the second king of Israel. This past week, we examined the lives of Mary and Martha, learning the importance of sitting at the feet of Jesus so that we can be properly prepared to love and serve the people around us. Continue reading

Leading Children to faith in Christ

Because of a scheduling situation, this lesson will not actually be taught during our children’s service this month but I do want to write about it so that it can be a resource for others to use. Over the past two weeks, we have been dealing with the topic of godly friendship based on examples from the Word of God. We looked at Jonathan and David’s godly friendship, learning how to be a godly friend to others. After Jonathan and David’s example, we looked at the example of Daniel and his 3 friends, learning how godly friends can influence us and help us make godly choices. This week we want to learn how to lead another person to faith in Jesus Christ, since, that is the reason we befriend others and serve them in the first place. Our desire is to introduce our friends to the Friend who changed our lives.

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