Help, life has wounded me, what do I do?

What do you do when you are hurting? Where do you turn? Do you ever seek to find the root of the problem? Have you ever considered that you may be the problem or do you constantly find someone else to blame? During the days of Jeremiah, Israel had the same problem. The people of Israel were suffering and they were looking for someone to blame, at times even pointing a finger at God. Have you ever seen people do that? Have you ever blamed God for your current circumstances? Continue reading

Impacting the lives of your classmates

I taught at our youth meeting last night, the first one of the new school year. I preached a message on the importance of impacting your classmates with the Gospel. I would like to share the message with you here, especially if you are a student.

For the history buffs, I began the message with a motivational quote from the great General Grant,

Hold fast to the Bible. To the influence of this Book we are indebted for all the progress made in true civilization and to this we must look as our guide in the future.

Continue reading

Caleb – a brave and loyal warrior

Today during our monthly Precept meeting, I was blessed to take part in a Bible study on the life of Caleb. He is an interesting character, whom we do not hear much about these days. Many times we hear much about Moses, Joshua, and others yet Caleb seems to be overlooked. He was an amazing example of loyalty and courage. There are several passages that explain his life. I will list them here and link to them so that you can read about him. Continue reading

A Month of Day Camps in Moldova

I  do want to apologize for the lack of communication over the past couple weeks. As I share what all I have been involved in, you may realize why I have not had time to communicate more. At the end of May, a team of 5 American college students arrived in Moldova to spend 8 weeks serving the Lord with us in Moldova this summer. Our work was cut out for us because we planned to lead 14 different day camps over a 6 week period. The team had two days to get accustomed to the time change. We met, prayed, and planned the coming weeks and then broke up into different teams. The first week saw us leading 3 camps in 3 different locations (2 villages and 1 city). During that first week we were able to teach God’s Word and share the Gospel with over 200 children. One camp was an English language day camp and another was a softball camp. God blessed our time and many of the children dedicated their lives to following the Lord Jesus Christ. One of the neatest things that we experienced at one of the camps was the fact that 4 of the local Moldovan leaders had been campers last summer and now after a year of growing in their faith, they were helpers and leaders this summer. This is our desire, discipleship. We want to invest in kids and teens who can then turn around and invest in others. Thank you for your prayers. Continue reading

Speak the truth in Love (Sunday’s Sermon from Ephesians)

Yesterday was a great day. I really enjoy Sundays, even though as a pastor, it is not really a day off for me. I get to meet with our church members who serve the Lord on the mission field throughout the week and hear how God is at work. It is amazing to be a member and leader in a church that is active. Each Sunday I get to hear at least 2 or 3 testimonies about God’s goodness from members who are actively involved in the process of making disciples.

After hearing all of those wonderful testimonies and worshiping corporately through song, our Senior Pastor, Vasile Filat shared a great message from the Word of God with us. He has been preaching through St. Paul’s epistle to the Ephesian church and this week’s message come from one verse: Continue reading

Proving God’s existence in 4 easy steps

Last Thursday morning, Good News church held a press conference to draw attention to the lies in the public school textbooks about the pseudo science of Darwinian evolution and creationism. Close to 90% of the textbooks teach Darwinian evolution as a fact and creationism as a myth. The “proof” about evolution is based on outdated science with obvious mistakes in the textbooks. When creationism is mentioned, it is called a myth and there is no evidence to prove or disprove the claim. We pray to be able to help edit future textbooks for the public schools where creationism will be given a fair presentation with the facts produced by Creation scientists. Having this as the context and background, I would like to present Biblical evidence for God’s existence. These four steps can be quickly and easily presented to the people around you. This information came to me via Ray Comfort on Facebook. I am following his basic outline but have modified it a bit with the Scripture references. Continue reading

Cohabitation and Domestic violence

We hear more and more discussions these days about stopping domestic violence. There are many, many campaigns out there that want to “educate” people on the problem of domestic violence and how to stop it. The discussion is very similar to AIDS awareness discussions. They speak of the problem and offer solutions but never address the root of the problem. If you know anything about medicine then you know that if you just treat the symptoms and never get to the root of the problem then the person will never be cured, just becomes dependent on the meds that treat the symptoms. I have written on the subject of cohabitation and you can read it here. Continue reading

Man’s need for God (salvation)

I am preparing to preach this Sunday morning at Good News church and as a tradition, I like to write out the sermon in article form so that I can think through what I want to communicate. After having a discussion with a person this past weekend, I felt the need to speak about this subject on Sunday morning. The person wanted to know about getting baptized in the church. During the discussion the person made an interesting statement. It goes something like this. We were discussing the meaning of repentance, what your life was like before Christ and how it has changed. The person explained how she had gone to church her entire life but “repented” or “accepted Christ” when she was an adult. During the discussion there was not much evidence on her part of a lifestyle change brought about after repenting. Her question was, “I do not know what you want to hear when you talk about lifestyle transformation? Do you want me to say that I was good before but now I am better because of Christ?” Continue reading

Teaching God’s Word

I spent the weekend at a Bible study seminar with many of the members of our church, Good News. Our senior pastor, Vasile Filat, taught the overview of the book of Ephesians. It is a relevant letter for all time. There were so many applicable truths that each and every person on the planet needs to know. We began Friday night and worked until Sunday afternoon. About 50 of our church members were there. While we were there, we evaluated the ministries of the church and planned activities over the next 6 months or so. I would like to present some of the results of my department, education. Continue reading

Baptism Service at Good News

Tomorrow, Good News Church will celebrate a baptismal service. There are 5 believers who want to show their obedience to Jesus Christ by being baptized according to the New Testament mandate. We are praying for a big crowd and a lot of nonbelievers so that we can preach the Gospel on this special occasion. I have prepared a sermon for tomorrow since I will be the one performing the baptisms. I want to share that sermon here so that I can think through the points and improve on the message. Most people in Moldova do not have a proper understanding of baptism since most are baptized in the Orthodox Church as babies. The fact that faith and salvation come before baptism is a hard thing for most to understand, because they have never read the Bible. Continue reading