The full armor of God: the Good News of Peace

I have been out of town over the past week working at our children’s camp. There were 20 kids from our church and 5 counselors. All together, there were over 100 kids learning God’s Word. Since I was there, I was not able to write any new articles because of the business and the lack of internet. I have several articles to post about the lessons that I taught during camp. God really worked in a mighty way and out of our 20 kids, 5 of them chose to follow Christ. Continue reading

Jehovah-shammah: The Lord is here

As I prepared to teach this lesson, I decided to share some of the truths that I learned with you here in this article, and, as always, thinking through the points of the lesson helps me prepare to teach it better. I really do love the entire Names of God study. God becomes so much more real when you know Him by His Name and character. The previous lesson was about righteousness, specifically, the Lord is righteousness, Jehovah-tsidkenu. It is amazing to see how God makes us righteous, right with Him, when we take Him at His Word. He does something that no other religion can do, He deals with our sin nature. He removes our sinful hearts and gives us new hearts. He places His Holy Spirit in us and not only requires that we walk in His ways but make us able to do so. Continue reading

The Sermon on the Mount; False Prophets

As we are walking through the Sermon on the Mount, we have discovered that there are two different kinds of righteousness; the righteousness of God and the righteousness of man. The entire sermon compares and contrasts the two kinds of righteousness. In this article, we are going to focus on false prophets, specifically, how they fit in to the entire sermon and idea of the righteousness of God and the righteousness of man. Our last lesson was all about confronting sin according to the will of God. Naturally, since preparing for and teaching this lesson, I have had more opportunities to apply it than I have ever wanted. Continue reading

The full armor of God; the belt of Truth

roman_beltDuring the summer, in children’s church a.k.a. “Big City Clubhouse”, we are covering the full armor of God from Ephesians 6:10-17. Over the past two weeks, we have covered the overview, focusing on the commands given to us, the enemy, and the promises that we have been given by God. It has been neat to see that we are fighting a defeated enemy. All we have to do is prepare for battle and show up and we are guaranteed victory over the enemy every single time. This coming Sunday, we are going to begin focusing on the specific pieces of armor that God has made available to us, beginning with the belt of Truth. Continue reading

Confronting sin according to the will of God

One of the most widely misquoted verses from the Bible will be the topic of this article, a lesson that I am going to teach to my staff this Wednesday as we continue digging down deep in to the Sermon on the Mount. Last week we covered the overview of Matthew 7.

Most church goers can quote parts of, if not all of John 3:16 yet it seems to me that every man on the street knows Matthew 7:1 by heart. They have no clue who is speaking and what the subject matter is, but they will be quick to quote Matthew 7:1, and way out of context, not to mention, not understanding what they are saying (meaning wise). Continue reading

Jehovah-tsidkenu: The Lord is our righteousness

In our modern mentality, we have accepted the lie that we are unique because we are modern. To an extent, this is true in the fact that we have modern gadgets that others have not had the opportunity to use. When it comes to human nature, we have not changed a bit since the fall of mankind into sin. Like the Bible teaches us, when it comes to human nature, there really is nothing new under the sun. Continue reading

Is Jesus more than just a good man?

Day two of our VBS this week is, “Is Jesus more than just a good man?”. Most people have heard of Jesus and many of them believe that He was an actual man who walked on this earth, a great teacher and leader, yet not God. In the last article, we looked at the evidence that proves that Jesus is the Son of God, or, in other words, God, Himself. Let’s check out the facts and determine if Jesus were just a good man or was there more to Him.

Remember, our theme for VBS this year is based on I Peter 3:15. Continue reading

Is Jesus the Son of God?

As I sit here preparing for our opening night of VBS (vacation Bible school), I am reminded of the overwhelming evidence that Jesus truly is the Son of God. When dealing with evidence, eye-witness testimony is pretty important. For our first lesson, we want to take a look at some eye-witness testimony of people who heard God call Jesus the Son of God. Evidence is key to making any decision and God has called us as believers to be ready to defend our faith with evidence when people ask us. In fact, this is the theme of this year’s VBS. Agency D3; Discover, Decide, Defend. The key verse for the week is I Peter 3:15:

Continue reading

Sermon on the Mount; Chapter 7

Earlier today, I taught on Jesus’ teaching on not being able to serve two masters. It was a challenging study as God examined our motives and we took a close look at our own attitudes toward possessions, worry, and judging others. For the rest of this week and the first half of next week, we are going to do a chapter study on Matthew 7, in the context of the Sermon on the Mount. I would like to focus on three important aspects of this chapter; the commands given by Christ, the contrasts, and the comparisons. Continue reading

Sermon on the Mount; you cannot serve two masters

I am preparing to teach this to my staff tomorrow and I would like to think through the process here as well as share some of my insights with you. God’s Word is so practical and the person who claims that It is not practical, I would argue, has never actually read what is there. Instead, the person probably just repeated what he or she heard from another person about the Bible. It has been such a pleasure to dig into God’s Word together as a staff and see how God speaks to us directly about all of life’s specific situations. Last week we covered giving and fasting according to the righteousness of God. All who were there were greatly blessed and challenged to evaluate our motives. Continue reading