Spiritual gifts: An overview

I am beginning a new study today with my staff at church. We have covered a plethora of topics over the past 8 months since I have been on staff. Mentoring was the first series that we covered. Then we moved to the Sermon on the Mount. After the Sermon on the Mount we moved to leadership according to God’s Word, looking at such leaders as Abraham, Moses, Joshua, and Caleb. Today we are beginning a new series on Spiritual gifts based on a study by Kay Arthur called, “Understanding Spiritual Gifts“. I just finished filling out the first lesson and would love to share my thoughts before teaching later today. In order to understand this subject better, I will post some passages and then see what we can learn from them. Continue reading

Homosexuals can be transformed by God

For those who claim that homosexuals are born the way that they are and cannot be changed, please take a look at this article about a gay man who was transformed by God. God can forgive and transform anyone and we all need it because we are all sinners.

“One must always remember that these are deeply wounded and suffering people: they need your sympathy, compassion, and prayers.” Continue reading

Are homosexuals fit parents?

Back in 2005, the APA (American Psychological Association), a once respected organization before being highjacked by the gay agenda, produced a comprehensive study claiming that children raised by homosexual couples were just as likely to be “normal” and lead normal lives as children who are raised by heterosexual couples. This was to be the end all argument that would silence the people who claimed that homosexuality is dangerous for society. Those who promoted homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle instead of a dangerous threat to society began to “dance in the streets” closing the mouths of any opposition with this article. Continue reading

Homosexuals never miss an opportunity to promote and impose their lifestyles on others

I have not written much about the homosexual agenda here lately. I wish I never had to write about it. If there were not continual promotion on their part, imposing their lifestyle on the public and spreading their propaganda then I would not have to write. I know that they will never stop because their manner and actions have already been described in the Word of God. I have written about how homosexuality is openly promoted in the public schools. There is much proof and you can read some of the articles here. Continue reading

My tribute to Melvin “Bubba” Brewer or “Dad”

I was thinking about what I wanted to say at Dad’s funeral today. I could not quite come up with the words to put it all in order so I just opened the Scriptures for some inspiration. That is one thing that the Scriptures do for me, they inspire. As I was thinking, I realized that my Dad was also an inspiration to me. In fact, I believe he was so inspiring because of his love for the Scriptures and his desire to live them out in his daily life. My Dad was genuine. What you saw was what you got. He did not “play” church. He did not want to impress everyone with his “Christian” lingo. He just put his head down and “did” what the Bible says to do instead of just talking about what the Bible says that we should do. He knew how to love. He loved his wife with all of his heart. He loved his sons with everything that he was. We never had a stranger walk into our house (once you walked in the door you were a friend and treated like a family member). Our friends were part of the family. All people were treated with respect. Continue reading


Yesterday morning, we lost my father, Melvin “Bubba” Brewer to his 3 year fight with lung cancer. He was a great man, father, husband, son, brother, and Christian. He lived his life for others. He invested his life in helping others. While meditating on my father’s life this morning, I realized the similarities between his life and what Jesus did while He walked among us on this earth. Jesus took 12 misfits and taught them how to be men. He took them under His wing and showed them how to live life. When they left His presence, they went out and transformed the world. My father did the same thing. He was a coach and he worked with young men who came from difficult families. He did not just take them in as players on a team, he took them in like his own children. Many of the boys were from “rough” families and many people said that they would never be worth anything because of their last name or reputation that they had. After living with my dad for just a few years, they learned how to love others, serve others, and be good citizens contributing to the good of society. Continue reading

The Importance of Giving as a Christian

dollar-sign There is much debate in our day and time about “giving”. Some people feel that those who have are obligated to give to those who do not have for the sake of equality. Usually those who preach this doctrine want to give other people’s money to the needed but not their own. Take Obama for example. He wants the American public to spread the wealth yet he himself gives less than 1% of his income to charity. What a great example of hypocrisy seen here. I will not go political in this post even though I would like to sometimes. I want to talk about the importance of giving if you are a true follower of Continue reading



By Anthony Browne, Europe correspondent of the Times.

Rising nationalism and fundamentalism around the world have meant that Christianity is going back to its roots as the religion of the persecuted.

There are now more than 300 million Christians who are either threatened with violence or legally discriminated against Continue reading