Deborah and Jael: Servants of God for positive, societal change

UntitledTonight we are celebrating Pigtails and Pajamas at Hoffmantown church. This is an annual event for moms and daughters, girls and their female role models, and ladies who are interested in investing in the next generation of girls. My sweet wife, Elena, was supposed to teach the girls and ladies about being women and girls after God’s own heart. Unfortunately, she is very sick, therefore, I will be filling in for her. For the sake of my hair and nails, I will not be participating in the event. I am just dropping in to teach this lesson about Deborah and Jael.

God is looking for girls and ladies after His own heart who will stand up in the midst of this wicked and perverse generation to bring about positive societal change. Deborah’s generation was similar to our own. For 24 years, the people of Israel have been walking in disobedience to the Lord and paying the price for it. There is much suffering. There is no peace. People are fighting with each other and there are enemies attacking and oppressing Israel. Society is falling apart. No one seems to know what to do about it. Continue reading