The First EFNL Camp is over

I was glad to be home after 10 straight days without my family but at the same time a little shocked to realize that 10 days had gone by so quickly at the same time. We studied Biblical Doctrines based on the Precept Upon Precept Bible study “Covenant”.

It was an amazing camp. There were 120 participants, from several different countries and 5 different languages, English, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, and Armenian.

We mostly studied the 3 major Biblical covenants, their similarities and differences as well as their implications today. The 3 major covenants are the Abrahamic, Mosaic, and the New Covenant.

I want to thank our camp director Vasile Filat for all of the effort and energy spent in preparing and leading the camp. Now we are getting ready for the second English camp where we will study the topical Bible study on marriage by Precept, “Marriage without Regrets”.

Moldova Mission Trip 09

Elena, Abigail, and I just returned home from a 20 day mission trip to our beloved Moldova. It was an amazing experience. We want to thank all of the wonderful people who prayed for us as we traveled and served the Lord by serving the people of Moldova. st louis ladies We traveled with 3 ladies from the St. Louis area who went with us for the first time to Moldova. They were real troopers. One of the ladies celebrated her 80th birthday while in Moldova. I would like to give you a short update on the trip.

Abigail did great on the planes. The only time that she got “upset” was during the flight over the ocean. She cried 2 times during the 9 hour flight (which I thought was great). When we arrived in Moldova we had a few hours of travel and then we were able to go to bed. Since Abigail slept a lot on the plane and on the ride to the camp, by 2am she was wide awake, jumping on the bed while mommy and daddy were trying to get some much needed sleep. She played until 5am before finally falling back to sleep. We were zombies the next day as you can imagine. DSCF4686 She adjusted but as soon as she adjusted to the time change she got sick, running a high fever. Continue reading