Grammar, Grammar, Grammar

51Df-3FuGALIf you are an English language buff like I am then I want to recommend a good book for you to read and use if you plan on teaching English or ESL. It is a simple read and the difficult concepts are easily explained. The author is C. Edward Good. Yes, it is the “good” book. I use it together with the real “Good” Book, the Bible to teach ESL in Moldova. This is a link to where you can buy the book online.

Why is language important? God chose to use language to communicate with mankind. Language matters to God (who does not need it to communicate btw) and He chose it as His way of communication with us. God invented the spoken and written word to speak with us and communicate with us. He took time to meet with Adam and Eve. Continue reading

English Camps begin in 4 days

On Monday, July 5th, the English For a New Life camps will begin. There will be 20 straight days of nothing but the beautiful English language and the Word of God. The first camp will also be a session of the Inductive Bible study Institute. We will study the doctrine of covenant in the Bible. It will be a wonderful and intense time of Bible study and fellowship.  There will be Americans, Moldovans, young people, students, and adults. Everyone is so excited about the fun time that we will have playing, studying, and sharing this time together. We are praying for our American friends who are making the long journey to serve with us. God bless.