Happy Fathers’ Day

To all the dads out there (and especially my own dad), have a great and wonderful day, blessed by the Lord. It is a privilege to have a father and be a father at the same time. As men and fathers, we have a great responsibility to raise our kids in the ways of the Lord.

6 Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22) Continue reading

Pro Life March this Wed. in honor of International Children’s Day

Our modern society is full of paradoxes. I do not have the time nor space to tackle them all one by one. I would like to focus on one in particular. As a modern society, we claim to be humane. Many boast that we are “more humane than God” because we do not see the need to punish murderers or rapists with death. That statement seems to make sense until you look beyond the superficiality of it. Not punishing the guilty for his crimes is an inhumane act toward the victim of that crime. What is even more bizarre is the fact that those who oppose punishing the criminals with death because it is inhumane, promote abortion (calling it pro choice of course) on demand. Continue reading

Gay columnist admits that the gay agenda is child indoctrination

I have written several articles about the homosexual movement, focusing on the fact that homosexuals are not born but must be “converted” to the homosexual lifestyle. One of the tactics of the homosexual movement is to get their propaganda in the public schools system so that they can have constant access to new “recruits”. Now we have even more proof of the existence of this tactic, shared by a gay reporter. Daniel Villarreal shared the following bit of info while discussing the debate of allowing gay marriage in the state of New York. In his own words, Continue reading

Cohabitation: Modern or Sin?

cohabitation1 In our modern world there is a controversial subject that is discussed a lot and many people are affected (infected) with this idea, the idea of cohabitation. Cohabitation is also known as “shacking up” or “living together” before marriage. Many people believe that cohabitation is something unique and new for our modern days but that is not the case. Actually, in the US, 40% of adults say that they have tried cohabitation at least once in their lives. Those who cohabitate say that it is better to “try” and see how things work out before getting married and if it does not work out then you can part ways without problems. Do you really believe that this is true? Has it been proven that there are fewer problems with parting ways after cohabitation has taken place when compared to parting ways while being married? Let’s look into the Word of God and see what God has to say about cohabitation and if it brings more or fewer problems. Cohabitation means that two consenting adults live together like a married couple (enjoying the sexual relationship) yet they are not married in the eyes of the State or in the eyes of God. Sex outside of marriage (that happens when one cohabitates) is sin (adultery/fornication) and the Bible speaks very clearly about sexual immorality. Continue reading

Homosexuals want to manipulate our children.

GayFlagI read a lot about history and keep up with what is happening globally and by doing so I have noticed that homosexuals want/try to manipulate children by teaching them (children) about homosexuality. The homosexuals argue that since they, themselves are homosexuals then they have the right to “inform” others (especially children) about homosexuality. Anyone can see the bias that a homosexual would bring to his/her teaching (propaganda is a better term if you ask me) yet homosexuals insist that their point of view is correct and everyone else should be silent on the issues and agree with them. I really do not feel that it is correct only to allow one point of view when teaching people. In fact that is how propaganda is spread, when people are manipulated into believing whatever the lie that is being propagated is. Propagating only one point of view is bad enough but add to the fact that homosexuals want to teach kindergartners about homosexuality. Why does a child who barely knows the difference between his right and left hand need to be taught about homosexuality? He/she is a child for crying out loud. Children do not need to learn about heterosexuality until the right time, until they mature or are nearing maturity. Let children be children. What else could the homosexuals plan be in indoctrinating children at five or six years old about homosexuality if it is not their own agenda? Some public schools (tax payer funded of course, by many who do not agree with homosexuality) are holding “Gay Days” in honor of homosexuals and homosexuality. Continue reading

Hypocritical Progressivism

gay_marriage Once again we see the hypocrisy of liberals/progressives. There is definitely a double standard among those who claim “tolerance”. I have made this statement before and I will continue to proclaim it. Liberals want everyone to be tolerant yet when you do not agree with them then they become the most intolerant people that you can imagine. Homosexuals fit into the category of liberals/progressives. Homosexuals demonstrated their true face once again during the “Miss America” pageant. The contestant from California was asked if she agreed with “gay” marriage or not and she said that we live in a country where we can choose what we want and she chooses not to support gay marriage. The liberals/homosexuals went crazy after this point. She was called terrible names (a very well known liberal tactic) and some propose that she lost the pageant for her stance on gay marriage. The controversy seems to indicate that you have your right to your own opinion unless your disagree with the liberals and homosexuals. By the way, if we pass this “hate crimes” law then we will see more persecution like this from the homosexuals on those who do not agree with homosexuality.

Do not support immorality by supporting gay marriage!!!

broken chains B_WSince evil prospers when good people do nothing my wife and I decided to take action after hearing of the removal of the ban on gay marriage in California. We wrote an email and mailed it to all of the people in our address list. Included in this email was a PowerPoint lesson on the truth about the dangers of homosexuality, along with a lesson to print and share with others and some statistics on the diseases that come in the form of consequences of the gay lifestyle. Several people wrote back to us and thanked us for our concern and the Continue reading

More Diabolic attacks by homosexuals on the family and society

no gay marriageI was sad to see that the homosexuals continue their onslaught on the family and society by passing laws to have their agenda progress creating more destruction and attacking society. As you know the family is the bedrock of society, made of husband and wife and children if God blesses them with some. If the foundation crumbles then the structure will Continue reading

The Promoters of the homosexual agenda in Moldova are liars.

gay-flagAs you know the LGBT community of Moldova attempted to have a gay pride parade in the the capital city of Moldova, Chisinau, on Sunday. They did not have permission from the government to put on their parade but they went and did it anyway. They were met with protest, nonviolent of course, from the concerned citizens of Moldova who want to protect the family. As you know homosexuality is a direct assault on the family and health of society. While the police were at the protest they did not stop the peaceful protest of the concerned citizens. The LGBT community is spreading lies about the protest saying that Continue reading

The Truth About Sex part I

male and femaleI want to write this article to help explain some very important things about sex because as I talk with more and more people both Christian and non Christian, I realize that very few people know and understand the Truth about Sex. Many people have many different opinions about sex, with whom it should be done, when, and so on. I want to look at when sex was created, by whom, and for what purpose in this first article. Since God is the Creator of all things Continue reading