True, Biblical Friendship

Happy_Friendship_Day_2021_1627730174856_1627730182001What comes to mind when you hear the word, “friendship“? We all have images that come to mind, based on our life experiences. What about Biblical friendship, what does that look like? I want to answer that in this article. I am teaching this lesson tonight at Southern Calvert Baptist Church during our AWANA program. I get to work with the high school students tonight. We are going to dig in to this subject and I wanted to think through it with you here before teaching tonight. According to the etymology of this word, “friendship” means the quality of being attached to another for the good of that person. We tend to think of friendship as being a relationship with another person who makes me happy. The original intent of the word is a relationship for the benefit of the other person. Isn’t it interesting how words and concept change over time? The original intent of friendship is closely related to the Biblical description of friendship. Let’s dive in and see what we can discover. Continue reading

Being a godly friend like Jonathan and David

As I prepare to teach during Children’s church this weekend, I want to write out my thoughts in article form so that I can think through the teaching process as well as share what I have been learning with you. I will be teaching on friendship based on Jonathan and David’s godly friendship. Their story is an amazing one and it parallels Christ’s friendship with us, how we benefit from it, and then how we are motivated to pass this blessing on to others by befriending them and introducing them to our friend, Jesus Christ. Continue reading