Something is fishy among the homsexuals in California

As you know the gay marriage movement in California was voted down by the people in 2008 making it one of the many States that banned gay marriage when the people were given the right to vote. Of course the homosexuals are seeking to overturn the will of the people and force gay marriage to be accepted (working against the principles of democracy in the process). Continue reading

A Lesbian Divorce

lesbo If you have not heard Hillary and Julie Goodridge have filed for divorce. The names may not be familiar to you but you will be aware of what they did. They were the couple who went to the Massachusetts courts to legalize gay marriage in the respective state. They won the case and gay marriage was legalized. They fought so hard so that they could be married like heterosexuals claiming that it was not fair because they could not share their true love the way that heterosexuals could. That is a lie because the stats prove the homosexual relationships are Continue reading

More Diabolic attacks by homosexuals on the family and society

no gay marriageI was sad to see that the homosexuals continue their onslaught on the family and society by passing laws to have their agenda progress creating more destruction and attacking society. As you know the family is the bedrock of society, made of husband and wife and children if God blesses them with some. If the foundation crumbles then the structure will Continue reading