A Christian’s Occupation: Good Works

What are you supposed to do with your life once you accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and are born again? Are you just to put your feet up and wait for the glories of heaven or, does God invite you to something more? In the Protestant world, good works are almost frowned upon, as if they are a bad thing. We have catch phrases (that do not come from the Bible) like, “Christianity is all about being and not about doing”. Is that a Biblical attitude? Let’s turn to the Word of God and find out. Continue reading

A week worthy of the Kingdom

I am not sure how you spent the last 168 hours of your life but I do know how I spent mine and I would like to share what happened to me with you. I would like to begin with a quote from Jesus Christ, in His famous “Sermon on the Mount“:

33 But let your first care be for his kingdom and his righteousness; and all these other things will be given to you in addition. (Matthew 6:33, Bible in Basic English)

Continue reading

Can we love Jesus and not serve in the local church?

This is a subject that I would like to tackle tonight at our church. At Good News, we are an active church, not sitting behind the four walls waiting for the people to come to us. We take the church to the people. There are many different ways that we do this. Some use English (like I do) while others use sports. There is also ministry via computers. There are many opportunities for our members to get involved. What happens when the members get so busy with the ministry that they start missing church services? When confronted, the pat answer is, “Jesus teaches us to go and make disciples and that is what I am doing”. Is this a good answer? On first appearance, yes, it seems like a good one. I would like to take a quick tour through a couple of passages, from the first church, to see if this is a good answer or if there should be a balance between outreach and serving in the local church. Before getting started, I would like to share a few quotes that people use when excusing themselves from coming to church or serving in the local church. Continue reading

Ministry update from Moldova

This has been a busy week on the mission field. I absolutely love serving the Lord day in and day out in the country of Moldova. It is not easy and is quite exhausting most of the time but also so fulfilling.

The week began on Sunday at Good News. The medical team that was to work in a village arrived at church and I was their translator. It was a great service. They shared and encouraged us and then we all prayed for the upcoming week’s activities. They were about to go and work in a village that has a long history of animosity toward the Gospel. God answered our prayers and worked in a mighty way among the people of the village. Continue reading

Church Bible study on choosing deacons

Last night Good News met to have a short Bible study on the characteristics of a deacon because we are in the process of choosing deacons. A church with over 100 members does not have any deacons. We elected a deacon last year but he was then ordained as a pastor to plant a church out of Good News. There was a deacon in the very beginning but he was ordained a couple of years ago to be one of the pastors of our growing church.

I would like to share the truths that we learned last night. Continue reading

Sunday’s Sermon at Good News (Ephesians 4:17-24)

I had the privilege of attending Good News yesterday (after being away last week preaching at a different church) and was blessed to hear another sermon in the series based on the book of Ephesians. Pastor Vasile was home for a day or two before leaving on another trip and he was able to preach on Sunday morning. I would like to share the truths of the message with you here. Continue reading