Peter and John testifying about Christ

peter-and-john-continue-preaching-the-gospel-2015-01-01At Hoffmantown kids, we have been walking through the New Testament in detail in 2017. We began with the book of Acts and we are going to go through each book until we finish the book of Revelation. Let’s take a look at the commands given to the disciples by Jesus before He ascended into heaven in order to set the stage for Peter and John’s testimony. Continue reading

Jesus serves individuals

meeting-jesus-2I am meeting with my preschool teachers for the last time in 2016 to continue our study on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ as revealed to us in the Gospel of Mark. This time, we will cover Mark 5. Our first meeting after the New Year will finish up the study with Mark 6. I have learned a lot from seeing Jesus’ teaching style and His compassion on the people who surrounded Him. He was so popular that He could not enter the cities and towns because of the crowds, yet, at the same time, He always took time to meet the needs of the individual. We see this clearly in chapter 5. In chapter 4, Jesus spent most of the chapter teaching the large crowds about faith. Most of the crowd missed the essence of His message. The disciples asked for clarification so they clearly understood the teachings in chapter 4 about faith. In the end, their failing faith needed a faithful friend and that faithful friend was Jesus Christ. Chapter 5 changes the focus to the individuals in the crowd. Jesus never got so caught up in numbers and crowds that He forgot about the individuals who made up the crowds. This is something that all disciple makers must remember. Crowds come and go. The individual is who is important to the Lord. Continue reading

From yesterday’s Church service

Yesterday church was awesome for several reasons. The first was that we as a family were all there. If you do not have small kids then that may not be such a big thing for you but if you have had them or currently have them then you know exactly what it means to get 3 kids ready for  church on Sunday mornings (the 2 little kids plus the one big kid, aka daddy). We all made it and we made it on time (I usually have to go by myself via public transit so that I can get there on time and then wait and see if the rest of my family makes it or not). Secondly, pastor Vasile was there, For those of you who know him, he is, as we shall say, a world traveler. Continue reading