Hypocritical Progressivism

gay_marriage Once again we see the hypocrisy of liberals/progressives. There is definitely a double standard among those who claim “tolerance”. I have made this statement before and I will continue to proclaim it. Liberals want everyone to be tolerant yet when you do not agree with them then they become the most intolerant people that you can imagine. Homosexuals fit into the category of liberals/progressives. Homosexuals demonstrated their true face once again during the “Miss America” pageant. The contestant from California was asked if she agreed with “gay” marriage or not and she said that we live in a country where we can choose what we want and she chooses not to support gay marriage. The liberals/homosexuals went crazy after this point. She was called terrible names (a very well known liberal tactic) and some propose that she lost the pageant for her stance on gay marriage. The controversy seems to indicate that you have your right to your own opinion unless your disagree with the liberals and homosexuals. By the way, if we pass this “hate crimes” law then we will see more persecution like this from the homosexuals on those who do not agree with homosexuality.

What is Obama doing?

Obama Revealed Is anyone else wondering what in the world is going on in this new administration? Where is the “change” that we were promised? What about all the lobbyists? No wonder democrats do not mind raising taxes. It is because they do not pay them! 93,000 dollars times 500 plus and that is what the dems are spending to “upgrade” their offices. Democrats are being democrats so where is the change? I did not vote for Obama and I feel much better about that everyday, especially as he approves the murder of innocent babies. Where is this country going? I hope that the American people will wake up. Most drank the Obama cool-aid during the election but my prayer is that people will come to their senses and realize that Obama is just another typical politician. Pelosi and Obama are acting like children with the whole “we won” thing and so therefore we can do whatever we want now. Wake up people and smell the roses. Do not allow these elected officials to dominate us since we did elect them. They are supposed to serve us yet the dems want to rule as “monarchs”.