The Urgency of the Gospel

photoI was trained by some of the best disciple makers in the world and, as they were investing in me, they invested the idea of the urgency of the Gospel. As I have grown in my faith by walking with the Lord, and as I have grown in the ministry, I have noticed that there are many “brothers” and “sisters” in Christ who have a much different philosophy of ministry than the one I was taught. Part of that includes a lack of urgency when it comes to making disciples and getting the Gospel out to the lost and dying world. I would like to examine the Scriptures and focus on the idea of the urgency of making disciples because the days are evil. Continue reading

Covenant, Lesson 11: Living in the light of the New Covenant

Well, it is hard for me to believe that we are on lesson 11 of Covenant, the final lesson of the manual. This has been such a rewarding study for me and for all of those who have taken the class. I am a little sad that it is almost over, but, at the same time, I am excited to begin Titus in January. If you have been with us from the beginning, here is a little reminder of our previous lessons.

  1. Covenant Lesson 1
  2. Covenant Lesson 2
  3. Covenant Lesson 3
  4. Covenant Lesson 4
  5. Covenant Lesson 5
  6. Covenant Lesson 6
  7. No article
  8. Covenant Lesson 8
  9. Covenant Lesson 9
  10. Covenant Lesson 10

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Principles of Leadership from II Corinthians (2)

In our last article on this subject, we saw some good principles of leadership, specifically how a good leader uses every situation to serve the people which he leads. Just as a recap;

  1. Communication is important.
  2. He is comforted by God so that he can comfort those he leads.
  3. He is a servant leader in all that he does. Continue reading

How to have an impact in the lives of others

Elena and I are preparing to teach a lesson this Saturday night at another church’s youth group. We want to encourage them to be good students of the Scriptures and apply what they learn so that they can have a positive impact in society, especially in the lives of their classmates. As Christians, we are called to change the world because that is what our Savior did. He calls us to be like Him. He calls us to be salt and light in this world. The essence of these two things is to overcome darkness and decay. Sin causes individual lives as well as society as a whole to decay and believers are called to stop it. Darkness keeps people ignorant of where they are and where they are going. That is what sin does to people. It deceives them into not understanding how they are destroying their own lives and the lives of others. As light in this world, we are to drive out the darkness and show people the reality of sin, stopping it in its tracks. This lesson is going to teach us how to do that. Continue reading