Teacher training conference

education I was able to participate in a teachers’ training conference this past weekend and I would like to share some of the things that we learned. I was a small group discussion leader. The majority of the teachers were from Moldova’s public school system. They were to receive continuing education hours for their attendance. The theme of the conference was “Good character equals Good teacher”. We learned many pedagogical principles based on the life of Jesus Christ. He was a great leader/teacher during His lifetime and we have much to learn from Him. We also learned how to incorporate what we were learning into our classrooms in practical ways. We learned innovative ways of using interactive learning in order to get the kids involved during the lesson. After 3 days of theory, on the fourth day, we went into a public school to teach a lesson on good character. I have never taught a class with 5 other teachers before, so for me it was an interesting experience. I want to thank Hans and Ruth (two wonderful teachers and people of God) for their efforts. There were 140 of us in all and they did a wonderful job in involving everyone during the conference. I pray that the teachers will apply what they have learned and be people of character as well as teaching their students to be people of character. Good character is not something that we are born with, we must learn it and develop it. The etymology of the word character comes from the Greek language and it means “to be engraved upon”. Character is based upon good actions and good actions must be taught and learned, which is exactly what Jesus Christ did during His days on this earth. As an educator, I was greatly encouraged by what I learned. I just wanted to share that with you as well.

Abraham: The father of faith

Do you ever think about the legacy that you leave behind, the impact that you have in the lives of the people of the nation in which you live? Would you like to leave a positive legacy that would not only impact your family but also your entire nation? Would you like to change the course of the history of your country? Many people, unfortunately, in our day and time do not think about these questions. Or if they do, they use a holy excuse like, “I am not anybody special, let someone else impact the world.” God is an extraordinary figure and He is in the business of taking ordinary people and using them to transform the world. The first example that comes to mind is an ordinary Jewish carpenter who turned the world as we knew it upside down. Continue reading