An Act of Anti-Semitism in Moldova

I am saddened by the events that took place in Moldova this past weekend. If you are a student of history then you will know how the former Soviet Union treated the Jewish people who found themselves trapped behind the “iron curtain”. For example, in Moldova, a country that was stolen by the USSR, had many Jewish residents before the total domination of the Soviet Union. Because of the heavy persecution many of the Jews fled the country or they were forced to live in Siberia, just because they were Jewish. Now that the USSR has fallen, there are not many Jewish people left in Moldova. Continue reading

Is tolerance more important than life?

intoleranceAs you know we live in an age of “political correctness” where, in the name of tolerance, people who are guilty are protected at any price and victims/innocent people suffer needlessly. A prime example of this is the abortion laws. The guilty parties (women who have them and doctors who perform them) are protected by the law as well as “political correctness” or tolerance if you will. How Continue reading