The Judgment of the Lord

court-hammer1As we continue to walk through the Word, we have discovered many insights about the Lord and about ourselves. This week, we are going to cover II Chronicles 36. Throughout the Bible, we see the Lord offering hope over and over to the people. In Jeremiah 31, in one of our previous lessons, we covered the transformational power of the New Covenant. In the midst of a very difficult time in the history of Israel, the Lord reminded the people of the hope found in the coming Messiah. This Messiah is going to bring a New Covenant between God and the children of Israel. The people of Israel were familiar with the Old Covenant. The Old Covenant was to point the people to the coming Messiah. The people were unable to obey the Old Covenant because of their sin nature. The New Covenant was going to deal with mankind’s sin nature so that those in the New Covenant would be able to obey the Lord and no longer be enslaved to their sin nature. Continue reading

Revival in 2015

I am getting ready to lead a retreat with my staff in a couple of weeks and this is one of the topics that I want to cover over the weekend. If you have been in a Baptist church for more than 5 minutes, you have heard the word “revival”. Some churches still have revivals on a yearly basis.

The idea behind revival is to experience a spiritual renewal in your life. There is a case of this in Israel that I would like to examine. This is what I am going to teach on in a couple of days. This example of spiritual renewal is found in II Kings 22 as well as in II Chronicles 34.  Josiah is our “hero” in these passages. He is used by God to change the direction of a nation during his lifetime. We have much to learn from him. Continue reading