Deborah and Jael: Servants of God for positive, societal change

UntitledTonight we are celebrating Pigtails and Pajamas at Hoffmantown church. This is an annual event for moms and daughters, girls and their female role models, and ladies who are interested in investing in the next generation of girls. My sweet wife, Elena, was supposed to teach the girls and ladies about being women and girls after God’s own heart. Unfortunately, she is very sick, therefore, I will be filling in for her. For the sake of my hair and nails, I will not be participating in the event. I am just dropping in to teach this lesson about Deborah and Jael.

God is looking for girls and ladies after His own heart who will stand up in the midst of this wicked and perverse generation to bring about positive societal change. Deborah’s generation was similar to our own. For 24 years, the people of Israel have been walking in disobedience to the Lord and paying the price for it. There is much suffering. There is no peace. People are fighting with each other and there are enemies attacking and oppressing Israel. Society is falling apart. No one seems to know what to do about it. Continue reading

Immorality destroys a nation

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 60 years, you know that the rate of immorality has grown exponentially. Immorality has existed since the fall of mankind into sin. The difference is the acceptance of immorality in society. The acceptance of immorality is a process. It culminates in the acceptance and promotion of homosexuality. Paul explains this downward spiral in Romans 1. Paul did not invent this explanation. It is actually found in the Old Testament. Paul is an Old Testament scholar. Let’s take a look at what Paul probably used as his text. There is a portion of Scripture in the book of Judges runs parallel with Paul’s description in Romans 1. Let’s take a look at the story. In Judges 1, we see the end of a period of strong leadership. Continue reading

Samson the liberator

For the month of February, during children’s church, we have been covering people who were used by God in amazing ways, even though they were unworthy of God’s favor. None of us are worthy of God’s favor but praise Him that He does not look upon us because of our merits. He does it because of His grace and mercy. Here is a list of the previous people/lessons:

Continue reading

Leadership: Helping people break the cycle of sin

slavery_to_sinAs I prepare to teach my staff tomorrow on the subject of leadership, I sit here thinking about the problem that all humanity faces, our slavery to our sin nature, which we inherit from our parents. Do you understand how the cycle of sin works? Are you still stuck in that cycle? Do you know how to lead people out of that cycle?

All of mankind is born into this cycle of sin because of original sin. We all inherit a sin nature from our parents. Sin is in us and it begins to manifest itself from an early age. I have written this before but I believe that it is worth writing again. We see inherited sin in children through the fact that we do not have to teach them to lie, steal, be selfish, harm others etc. Instead, as parents, we have to teach them not to do these things. Continue reading