Another lesbian divorce

If you are at all familiar with either the music world or the evils of the homosexual movement then you must know of Melissa Etheridge and her lesbian partner, Tammy Etheridge. They have been “married” since 2003 and have twins born in 2006. Melissa also has two older children from her previous partner, lesbian Julie Cypher.  They, of course, were/are proponents of gay marriage because they wanted to express their love in marriage like heterosexuals and they did not feel that they could fully express their love because they could not marry and show their commitment to one another. Continue reading

A Lesbian Divorce

lesbo If you have not heard Hillary and Julie Goodridge have filed for divorce. The names may not be familiar to you but you will be aware of what they did. They were the couple who went to the Massachusetts courts to legalize gay marriage in the respective state. They won the case and gay marriage was legalized. They fought so hard so that they could be married like heterosexuals claiming that it was not fair because they could not share their true love the way that heterosexuals could. That is a lie because the stats prove the homosexual relationships are Continue reading