Living faith revealed!

Well ladies and gentlemen, it is Wednesday once again and I am preparing to teach my staff James. We are in chapter 2, learning about the differences between living faith and dead faith. It is hard to believe that we are already on lesson 7 of 16. It is amazing how time seems to fly by as we busily serve the Lord. Here are links to the previous lessons.

  1. Living faith vs. Dead faith
  2. Living faith vs. Dead faith part II
  3. Trials and Temptations; what’s the difference?
  4. Genuine faith in action
  5. Two spiritual births; death and life
  6. Living faith in action

James has shown us real life situations that reveal of our faith is genuine or not. How are you doing with your daily exam? Are you learning to run to God and ask for wisdom, the One who gives liberally without reproach? How do we do it? Run to His Word, the fount of all wisdom! Continue reading

Living faith in action

Since tomorrow is Wednesday, I am getting ready to teach my staff on the book of James. This lesson is the 6th lesson of 16. We still have a long ways to go and for that, I am very excited. We have already learned so much, yet God has so much more to teach us. Here is a review of the previous lessons:

This lesson is powerful because of what it teaches us about living faith. We are turning the corner from chapter 1 to chapter 2. Take a moment to read over James 2 and then we will see what we can discover about living faith. Continue reading

Two spiritual births; Death and Life

I am preparing to teach my staff the next lesson on James. This has been an eye opening experience for all of us as we examine ourselves and the faith that we claim to have in the light of the Word of God. James was written to people who claimed to have faith. James does not try to convince people to have faith. He wants the people who claim to have faith to examine their faith in the light of God’s Word. In our modern world, just like in the ancient world, there were many different faiths. As a result, people were confused about which one was correct. Like today, the motto was, “well, there must be nuggets of truth in all faiths so let’s just take what we like from each one and make up our own”. James, on the other hand, reveals that although we divide the world up into many different faiths, God’s economy is a little different. God teaches us that there only only two kinds of faith, living faith that transforms from the inside out and dead faith, which is useless or worthless. Upon studying James, you will know if your faith is living or dead because he uses real, life examples of how the two kinds of faith manifest themselves. Here are some of the previous articles. Continue reading

Living faith vs. Dead faith partII

Last week, we started our journey through the book of James. It is neat that this short letter written close to 2,000 years ago could be so relevant to 21 Century mankind. In the previous article, living faith vs. dead faith, we saw that James is an example of a person who has living faith by the fact that he is a bondservant of God and that Jesus Christ is his Lord. He takes advantage every opportunity to use his spiritual gift of teaching to teach those around him. We saw that the trials that come our way actually reveal to us if our faith is living or dead.

This lesson is a continuation of what we began learning last time. We are not born with living faith. We are not born with any kind of faith. We have to learn faith from an outside source. Most people learn faith from their parents. Again, we will even learn to have either living faith or dead faith. If the faith that we have comes from any other source other than the Word of God, the Bible, then that faith is dead. Living faith comes from the Lord. Continue reading