Elisha prepared for ministry

63865-1280px-elijahthrowinghismantleonelisha.1200w.tnOnce again, I am preparing to teach our Bible study for our Connect Groups this coming Sunday at Southern Calvert Baptist Church. This is our third week in a row that we are focusing on the life and ministry of the prophet Elijah. We saw Elijah’s encounter with the pagan, widow woman. Then we looked at how Elijah confronted the sin of King Ahab and his wicked wife, Jezebel. The previous article ended the complicated life of King Ahab. This week, we are going to come to the end of Elijah’s earthly ministry. But, before Elijah goes to be with the Lord, he does what all good leaders in the Bible do; he makes a disciple. Elijah prepares a disciple to receive the baton of leadership and continue the ministry. Far too many leaders today miss the most important calling of leadership, to prepare more leaders. Continue reading

Paul’s Missionary Journey

fullsizerenderThis coming Sunday we are going to learn about Paul’s first missionary Journey in Acts 14. I am excited for our kids because they are learning to discover the Truth of the Word of God for themselves. The valuable, basic Bible study tools that they are learning will stick with them for the rest of their lives and equip them to be able to open God’s Word at any time and hear directly from Him. Over the past month, we have covered Acts 4, Acts 8, Acts 9, and Acts 10. It has been neat to see how the Lord has worked in and through the lives of His disciples. He has given each of His followers the gift of the Holy Spirit and told them to be witnesses everywhere they find themselves. We saw Peter and John do this in Acts 4. We saw Philip do this in Acts 8. Paul began to do it once he encountered Christ and was born again. We ran in to Peter once again in Acts 10 when he shares the Gospel with Cornelius and a house full of Gentiles. Now, we are going to shift our focus to Paul and his missionary journeys.  Continue reading

Working in your planner daily

In the previous two posts, we have covered the subjects of the importance of planning your time and the value of getting a personal planning notebook. We learned about identifying our values and then setting goals based on those values. Then, there was a practical assignment to help you determine what your values are. I really hope that you were able to do this. Continue reading

Discipleship according to Jesus

It is the day after Christmas. The gifts have been opened and the kids are playing with them. The final days of the year are winding down. We begin to think about the New Year, making our resolutions and planning out all that we want to accomplish over the next 52 weeks. While meditating on Mark 6, I saw a clear connection between making my New Year plans and including making disciples the way that Jesus did during His lifetime. Here is a quick list of the lessons that we have already covered from the Gospel of Mark.

  1. Jesus: Experiencing His Life and Ministry
  2. Jesus the Rescuing Teacher
  3. The unpardonable sin
  4. The parable of the sower and the seed
  5. Failing Faith needs a Faithful Friend
  6. Jesus serves individuals

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Christian parents creating a love for the ministry in their children

Christian parents have the responsibility to create a passion in their children’s lives for serving in the ministry. If we do not intentionally create this passion, others will come along and give them a passion for something else.

1. Teach your children to love the Bible and study it systematically

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Leaving for Moldova tomorrow!

My family and I have been busily packing this past week trying to fit our things in small 50 pound suitcases. Cutting the “fat” has been a part of our daily chores. It is not that difficult so I do not see why the federal government cannot do the same thing. We will not go there though. On Monday evening, the 4 of us will board a plane headed for Europe and then on to Moldova. It was fun traveling with 1 child and I am sure now that we have 2 the joy will be overwhelming (I cannot add the irony from my voice here). We pray for God’s protection and guidance as we head back to normal, daily life on the mission field. It has been hard being away from home for so long and we are anxious to get back. Praise God we have such good disciples back home who have carried on the ministry on our absence. We are looking forward to seeing them again and serving with them. I will give an update when we arrive in Chisinau.